NYC Food Guy Interviewed in ABC News Story “Food Paparazzi: It’s Their ‘Porn'”

Date May 3, 2010

As the popularity of food blogging and social networking collide, the World Wide Web is seeing more photos of food from all walks of life. ABC News is currently airing a story called “Food Paparazzi: It’s Their ‘Porn'”, which includes an interview with NYC Food Guy. How did it go? You’ll have to watch and see but let’s just say the title of the story includes the word “porn” because of me. Check out the video above or click this link to watch the video on ABC New’s website.

8 Responses to “NYC Food Guy Interviewed in ABC News Story “Food Paparazzi: It’s Their ‘Porn'””

  1. Foodie said:

    I think “Weidman” might be a more apropos name for someone claiming to be the NYC Food Guy anyway …

  2. Robert Sawyer said:

    Well done, Lawrence. You look good, come across credible. Ever onward.

  3. Food Porn!? said:

    Love it Food Guy. They took your quote and made it the title. Good sh*t.

  4. Jonathan said:

    What’s your favorite NY pizza? Join our survey and get a chance to win a hundred dollars

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  6. noelle said:

    MAZEL!!! this is great coverage!!!

  7. Hayley said:

    Love it Lawrence! When Mark and I get back from vacay, we need to hit some Astoria spots!

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