Sports Food Guy

I’m not just The NYC Food Guy, I’m also The Sports Food Guy!

Sports has always been one of my greatest passions and before I became a food blogger and food TV host, I worked behind the scenes writing stories at NBC Sports, CBS Sports,, and SNY the NY Mets’ TV station. ┬áMy goal was to become a sports reporter but I fell in love with food and decided to become a food TV host and now I get to combine my passions as a sports food expert! As you can see in the TV appearances below I’m known for creating and cooking over the top game day dishes and re-creating the craziest stadium foods to see if they’re worth eating.

My Over-The-Top 2018 Super Bowl Party Menu on CBS New York w/ Steve Overmyer Video Link

Taking Stadium Food Next Level & Turning it Green For St Patrick’s Day for’s show “12:25 Live with Alexa” Video Link

My Top 3 Craziest Sports Stadium Dishes in a promotional spot for Tums airing in “In the Spotlight” on Fox Sports Network and “Focused” on MSG Network watchable in over 86 million homes

Last Minute Easy, Impressive & Sinful Super Bowl Party Recipes on WLNY
(February 2017)

Lawrence Weibman’s Super Bowl Party Menu Must-Haves for 2017 on 2017)

Lawrence Weibman’s Crazy NFL Stadium Food Creations on CBS New York
(September 2016)

Lawrence Weibman’s Crazy Baseball Stadium Food Creations on WLNY55/10

Lawrence Weibman’s Crazy Homemade Super Bowl Creations on WLNY55/10