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NYC Murray Hill/Gramercy Best Sandwiches: Defonte’s of Brooklyn #20 Hot Roast Beef

Date October 5, 2011

Just in case you forgot, one of New York City’s best roast beef sandwiches is alive and well in Murray Hill. Defonte’s knows that great sandwiches start with great construction. The bottom half of a Brooklyn-baked hero roll is topped with thin slices of fried eggplant, house made fresh mozzarella and rare, machine-sliced house made […]

NYC Sandwiches: Defonte’s of Brooklyn Open in Manhattan

Date February 24, 2009

There are a lot of delis in Manhattan, but there are few with the pedigree of Defonte’s, a Brooklyn relic known for their massive roast beef sandwiches and their house made fresh mozzarella.  NYC Food Guy was ready for sandwich satisfaction on Defonte’s first day of business in Manhattan, on 3rd Avenue and 21st Street.  […]