Thrillist’s The Explorers

Apparently all my eating is paying off! I’m hosting a brand new food web series called “The Explorers” for! On each episode we go around the world without leaving New York City as I help viewers discover incredible dishes from foreign cuisines while making them understandable to even the most novice foodie. Watch and enjoy and please share on Facebook. And if you have suggestions for future videos send them my way!

Host of “The Explorers” on – My 3rd Episode (1/18/17) Knafeh aka buttery, sweet & cheesy Middle Eastern deep dish dessert pizza!

Host of “The Explorers” on – My 2nd Episode (1/6/17) Sizzling Sisig aka Filipino Pig Face Hash!

Host of “The Explorers” on – My 1st Episode (12/11/16) The unlikely Pakistani burger that is one of Brooklyn’s best