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Bid On The Last Case of American Tim Tams, Signed by Hugh Jackman; Proceeds Benefit Charity

Date May 4, 2009

When I consider what I would view as “a chance of a lifetime opportunity,” I think about going to the Red Hook Ball Fields with Gisele Bundchen, taking batting practice with the Mets and hosting my own TV show on Food Network.  Bidding on Ebay for the last case of Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Creme Tim […]

NYC Cookies: 15 Cases of Tim Tams at Tuck Shop RIGHT NOW!

Date November 20, 2008

On the seventh day, the Lord rested. … and made Tim Tams.  Go to the Tuck Shop, Manhattan’s best and only Australian bake shop, immediately and buy Tim Tams. Fifteen cases just arrived and they’re going fast.  For those of you who are late to the party, Tim Tams are the best packaged cookie ever […]

NYC Cookies: Tim Tams Are Finally in the U.S. & We Want Them To Stay!

Date November 17, 2008

Tim Tams are the best packaged cookie NYC Food Guy has ever eaten and now, finally, they’re in the United States at Target Stores.  Imagine chocolate cookies sandwiching silky chocolate creme all dipped in smooth milk chocolate. You’ve never heard of Tim Tams because they’re from Australia.  Ever wonder why Australia seems like a happy […]

NYC Cookies: Tim Tams, The Best Packaged Cookies Ever, Have Arrived… in Target!

Date November 14, 2008

And I quote myself from an earlier posting: “[Tim Tams] are by far the best packaged cookie I’ve ever had and I dream about the day they appear in U.S. supermarkets.” Well that day is here but the Tim Tams are in Target stores and they’re only available from now until March 2009. These cookies, […]

Amazing Australian Desserts

Date June 6, 2008

Darrell Lea’s “Rocklea Road” combines light, fluffy marshmallow, roasted peanuts and toasted coconut smothered in either dark or milk chocolate. It’s like eating all the best Russell Stovers candys in one bite. Tim Tams are “Australia’s favorite biscuit”. They’re also by far the best packaged cookie I’ve ever had and I dream about the day […]