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Big Bob Gibson’s & Ubon’s Induce Pulled Pork Overdose at Big Apple BBQ Block Party 2012

Date June 11, 2012

Sometimes food makes you speechless and transports you to another mental plane. That’s what happened today after I tasted my first bite of pulled pork from Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson’s (above), in Decatur, Alabama, at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in Madison Square Park in Manhattan. Lilly’s pork shoulders have won their […]

Big Bob Gibson’s Pulled Pork Wins Best Bite at Big Apple BBQ Block Party for 2nd Straight Year

Date June 23, 2009

“I wish they did this four times a year,” said my brother Craig as we watched Chris Lilly pull two shimmering pork butts from the smoker, some of the 3,000 pounds of pork cooked by the Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q crew at this year’s Big Apple BBQ Block Party.  Lilly, 8-time Memphis In May Champion […]

Big Apple BBQ Block Party: Why Life is Better Below The Mason-Dixon Line

Date June 11, 2008

“This is why there is pork.” My words after eating a morsel of pork freshly pulled from the bone of a pork butt (oddly the top of the shoulder) which had been smoking for 16 hours at 225 degrees Fahrenheit. It melted in my mouth, it made my knees weak and it lives in Decatur, […]