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Sugar Sweet Sunshine: Home of my Favorite Cupcake and Banana Pudding, Plus Seasonal Chocolate Chip Trifle

Date November 14, 2011

I like playing favorites, especially when discussing banana pudding and cupcakes.  Thanks to sugar Sweet sunshine, my two favorites are under the same roof.  I’ve praised their banana pudding before, and after a visit last week, I’m happy to report that copious amounts of ripe banana and Nilla wafer ensconced in rich, creamy pudding are still the […]

sugar Sweet sunshine at Union Square Holiday Market until December 24th

Date December 10, 2009

sugar Sweet sunshine, home to NYC’s best banana pudding and some of its finest cupcakes is open at the Union Square Holiday Market until Dec. 24. You’ll find the sliver of a stall on the west side of Union Square between East 14th & East 15th street, near the Gandhi statue.  Special iced sugar cookies […]

Sugar Sweet Sunshine: Best Banana Pudding in NY?

Date November 28, 2007

“F*ck Magnolia.”  Yes, I said it. “F*ck Magnolia and their entire crunchy buttercream, Sex and the City, Rockefeller Center, tourist-pleasing operation.”  Now I don’t know if Deb & Peg, owners of sugar Sweet sunshine (and former Magnolia employees) share my distaste with the sell-out sweet shop, but they should take immense pride in the fact […]