Watch My Crazy Homemade Super Bowl Food Creations on WLNY55/10 (From Feb. 13, 2016)

Date February 9, 2016

In case you missed it on @nycfoodguy Instagram, Facebook or Twitter I appeared on WLNY Channel 55/10 this past Saturday to show off some crazy homemade creations ahead of Super Bowl 50.  The theme was “Old vs New” and the goal was to take stodgy old Super Bowl party dishes and flip them on their heads.  Watch the video to see how deep fried bacon unites pigs in blankets with nachos, how mac and cheese provides the bun for cheeseburger sliders and why a trip to the donut shop will change everything you thought you knew about Buffalo chicken. Oh and bonus: Nutella, chocolate chip cinnamon rolls made with pizza dough. Super Bowl will never be the same.  Now how the hell do I top this spread for next year’s broadcast?! Suggestions welcome.

Special thanks to host Steve Overmyer for having me on the show.  Check out his sportscasts Wed-Sun on WCBS2 News at 11PM and WLNY55/10 New at 9PM.

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