VIDEO: Talking Polarizing Food Combinations on Fox 5 NY News Feb 22, 2017

Date February 23, 2017

When Iceland’s President decided to make a joke about banning pineapple as a pizza topping, he never thought it would send ripples throughout the world. He obviously didn’t realize that pizza connects us all on a deep, elemental level and people are VERY sensitive about being told how to eat it. Fox 5 NY wanted to know why people feel so strongly about polarizing food combinations so they interviewed a food expert – me! Scroll to 1:37 in the video to see my brief interview.

VIDEO: Last-Minute Super Bowl Party Recipes To Blow Your Guest’s Minds!

Date February 4, 2017

If you’re hosting a party for Super Bowl Sunday and you’re looking for last minute inspiration this video is your script for stepping up the menu without breaking the bank or your back cooking. Just follow my simple recipes and tricks and your friends will think you’re a gourmet chef! I’m setting you up with four courses – an app, two main dishes and a KILLER dessert that will have people talking until next year’s Super Bowl party! Special thanks to host Steve Overmyer for having me on the show. Follow him, like him and enjoy his unique and entertaining spin on New York sports!

For more inspiration check out my past sports food videos!

Watch me on TV tonight 9:45PM WLNY channel 55/10 for my last minute Super Bowl recipes!

Date February 4, 2017



Watch me on TV tonight 9:45PM WLNY channel 55/10 for my last minute #SuperBowl Recipes w/ the great @steveovermyer!

There will be bacon, cheese, heaven on a hash brown, chicken finger nachos, & a crazy donut creation that combines the best of New England & Atlanta! Message me if you need tips!

VIDEO: NYC Food Guy’s 2017 Super Bowl Menu Must-Haves on

Date February 3, 2017

Another year, another chance to make people’s jaws drop and drool at my menu of Super Bowl Party creations! We’ve got bacon-covered cheese pretzel pops, a dish I’m calling “Heaven on a Hashbrown,” Buffalo (or not) Chicken Finger Nachos, and a doughnut creation that may make you lick your computer screen. You’ve gotta see it to believe it. Check out my appearance on’s daily 8-11AM show “Morning Run” alongside my incredible (and brave) hosts Alexa Datt (does she look familiar Mets fans?) and former ESPN great Michael Kim.

If you want great sports news and commentary on your computer and phone all day, every day, check out 120Sports! It’s no little upstart either as it’s backed by a team of heavy hitters – Time Inc. / Sports Illustrated, MLBAM, the NHL, the PGA TOUR, Campus Insiders and Silver Chalice! Additional special thanks to producers Brandilee Coon (also of the travel blog Married With Jetlag) and Chris Lundberg as well as the whole crew for bringing this segment to life!

VIDEO: The Middle Eastern Deep Dish Dessert Pizza of Your Dreams

Date January 21, 2017

Episode 3 of my new food web series “The Explorers” for is live! And this one is cheesy in all the best ways. Watch me and an amazing Palestinian mother and chef laugh our way through this amazing recipe.

“The Explorers” is all about going around the world without leaving New York City as I discover incredible ethnic cuisines through their most classic dishes. Watch, enjoy and please share on Facebook! And if you have suggestions for future videos leave them in the comments!

Learn more about this recipe on and check out the restaurant in the video: Tanoreen in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (map).

VIDEO: Watch my new food web series “The Explorers” and discover exciting ethnic cuisines!

Date January 11, 2017

Apparently all my eating is paying off! I’m hosting a brand new food web series called “The Explorers” for! On each episode we go around the world without leaving New York City as I help viewers discover incredible ethnic cuisines through each cuisine’s most classic dishes. Watch and enjoy and please share on Facebook. And if you have suggestions for future videos send them my way!

Episode 2 (1/6/17) This Filipino dish is a pork lover’s dream and the hangover cure you’ve been praying for!

Learn more on and check out the restaurant in the video: Maharlika in Manhattan’s East Village (map).

Episode 1 (12/11/16) You’ve never seen a burger like this before! That’s because it’s a Pakistani halal burger that may be one of the best in all of Brooklyn!

Learn more on and check out the restaurant in the video: BK Jani in Bushwick, Brooklyn (map).

VIDEO: Tasting Homemade Versions of NFL Football’s Craziest Stadium Foods

Date October 3, 2016

America loves NFL football and the “idea” of going to the game is great. But let’s be honest unless you’re a die hard fan, going to the game is not that much fun without great seats, a lot of booze and an awesome tailgate.  So this year NFL teams are following in the footsteps of Major League Baseball by injecting their stadium concession menus with the ooze that turned four little turtles into hulking ninjas.

Steve Overmyer, sports anchor for New York City’s WCBS & WLNY55-10 asked me to re-create some of the NFL’s craziest concoctions so we could see which are worth braving.  And make sure to watch to the end to see MY act of edible bravery! In case you missed it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (ahem, follow me please), you can watch it here!

Special thanks to host Steve Overmyer for having me on the show. Follow him on Facebook for some entertaining behind the scenes videos and watch his sportscasts Wed-Sun on WCBS2 News at 11PM and WLNY55/10 New at 9PM.

VIDEO: Tasting Homemade Versions of Major League Baseball’s Craziest Stadium Food for 2016

Date April 4, 2016

The players are in shape for Major League Baseball’s Opening Day but the fans are in trouble especially if you look at the new lineup of edible monstrosities being sold this season at ballparks all over the country. Instead of immediately doing aerobic exercise Steve Overmyer, sports anchor for New York City’s WCBS & WLNY55-10 asked me to re-create four of the craziest dishes in my own kitchen so we see which, if any, are worth shaving a few minutes off your life for. The answers may surprise you. In case you missed it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (ahem, follow me please), you can watch it here!

Special thanks to host Steve Overmyer for having me on the show. Follow him on Facebook for some entertaining behind the scenes videos (this one features me!) and watch his sportscasts Wed-Sun on WCBS2 News at 11PM and WLNY55/10 New at 9PM.

I’M GOING TO BE ON TV TONIGHT! WLNY Ch 55 around 9:45PM talking ‪‎crazy‬ ‪‎baseball‬ stadium food that I made from scratch!

Date April 2, 2016

I’M GOING TO BE ON TV TONIGHT! WLNY Ch 55 / Ch 10 around 9:45PM with Steve Overmyer talking ‪‎crazy‬ ‪‎baseball‬ stadium food like the homemade peanut butter & pretzel-coated ‪‎bacon the Mets will serve at Citi Field‬ and a bacon cheeseburger with pepperoni pizzas as buns like the Braves will serve. There will be more crazy homemade creations on the air tonight! Hopefully the fact that this is for TV and not personal consumption will absolve me from the wrath I’m bringing upon myself from the food gods for creating such monstrosities. Probably not. Oh well.




Speedy Romeo, One of My Favorite Brooklyn Restaurants, Opens in Manhattan’s Lower East Side TONIGHT! (PLUS NYC Food Guy-Created Psychedelic Food Art)

Date March 30, 2016

I’ve had an up and down love affair with food blogging over the years but one thing I’ve loved forever is drawing. I recently started combining this passion with my love for food by creating posters for friend’s restaurants events. The inspiration for my art is a mixture of the Marvel comic books I read and cartoons I watched growing up as well as psychedelic rock and roll posters from the 1960s and 70s. If you’re interested in receiving a print or want to commission new art, e-mail me [email protected]

For this poster I drew the pizza playing Eddie Van Halen’s guitar (read below to see why) on the background of a 1967 Martin Sharp Jimi Hendrix poster.

speedy romeo FOR PRINTING

You know what Manhattan and the Lower East Side needs? Creative pizza topped with things like Katz’s Pastrami, red cabbage and 1000 Island dressing on an everything bagel crust (see below). Or a pizza covered in pepperoni, sausage, pickled chiles, and melted Provel cheese (a mixture of mozzarella, provolone and cheddar native to St. Louis) that’s cut party style so it’s just… more… fun (see below). How about a fast food-style burger made with top notch beef on a perfectly squishy, seeded bun served wrapped in wax paper? Or flame-grilled chicken parmesan topped with melted fresh mozz and crispy bread crumbs all resting on tomato sauce and garlicky sauteed kale? And if you want something sweet, how about a S’mores dessert loaded with chocolate and marshmallow that gets hit with a branding iron straight from the wood fire before it reaches your table? This is what Speedy Romeo has been doing in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn for the last few years and as The Infatuation aptly declared “Speedy Romeo is the best restaurant you haven’t been to.” And like the tres Brooklyn space nestled inside a refurbished auto garage, the Manhattan space is also as comfy and cool as an old leather jacket and also cooks only with fire thanks to a bad ass grill and a wood-fired oven painted like Eddie Van Halen’s guitar. Get down to the Lower East Side, ask for one of the co-owners Todd or Chef Justin, tell them the NYC Food Guy sent you and enjoy the great music and food.

pastrami Reuben #pizza w/ everything bagel crust for @speedyromeo 4th anniversary & #nationalpizzaday! #brooklyn #pizzaday =========== =========== Speedy Romeo in #clintonhill is an authentically #NYC restaurant you should check out ASAP for wood fired pizza, #burgers, #steaks (at a minimum) and keep your eyes peeled for their impending #manhattan opening on Clinton St #lowereastside

A photo posted by The Original NYC Food Blogger (@nycfoodguy) on

When #pizza is this good you should admire it for breakfast. At @speedyromeo for @bonappetitmag #bagrubcrawl Saturday w/ @dan_churchill there's no other pizza in #NYC like this "saint Louis" as its topped with Provel cheese from St. Louis. It's a processed mix of provolone, mozzarella and cheddar and it melts like American cheese. Then it's topped with pickled chiles and sausage and cut into little squares making it feel like you're a little kid eating at a cool restaurant in #ClintonHill #brooklyn

A photo posted by The Original NYC Food Blogger (@nycfoodguy) on

House made Ricotta & tomato grilled #pizza at @speedyromeo makes you happy it's still summer. It's all wood fire at Speedy so everything is kissed with a perfect smokey char. Go today, thank me later and save room for a Saint Louis Pie and a burger. #clintonhill #Brooklyn

A photo posted by The Original NYC Food Blogger (@nycfoodguy) on

Speedy Romeo
63 Clinton Street b/t Rivington St & Stanton St, New York, NY 10002 212.529.6300
Clinton Hill Brooklyn Location – 376 Classon Ave at Greene Ave, Brooklyn NY 11238 718.230.0061

Watch My Crazy Homemade Super Bowl Food Creations on WLNY55/10 (From Feb. 13, 2016)

Date February 9, 2016

In case you missed it on @nycfoodguy Instagram, Facebook or Twitter I appeared on WLNY Channel 55/10 this past Saturday to show off some crazy homemade creations ahead of Super Bowl 50.  The theme was “Old vs New” and the goal was to take stodgy old Super Bowl party dishes and flip them on their heads.  Watch the video to see how deep fried bacon unites pigs in blankets with nachos, how mac and cheese provides the bun for cheeseburger sliders and why a trip to the donut shop will change everything you thought you knew about Buffalo chicken. Oh and bonus: Nutella, chocolate chip cinnamon rolls made with pizza dough. Super Bowl will never be the same.  Now how the hell do I top this spread for next year’s broadcast?! Suggestions welcome.

Special thanks to host Steve Overmyer for having me on the show.  Check out his sportscasts Wed-Sun on WCBS2 News at 11PM and WLNY55/10 New at 9PM.

6-Stop Westchester & Connecticut Food Tour with Adeena Sussman and Jay Cheshes

Date November 12, 2015

front collage

When undertaking a serious food tour, there’s only two things to remember: Firstly, go big or go home. Second, bring reinforcements.  With that in mind, I called together two of my favorite co-conspirators Adeena Sussman, food writer, cookbook co-author and recipe developer, and international food and travel writer Jay Cheshes. The mission? A road trip to Frank Pepe’s in New Haven, CT for some of America’s oldest and most heralded pizza.  But with four other highly recommended food destinations along the way, would we even have room for pizza?  I quickly put that thought out of my mind. Failure was not an option.

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Queens Best Pizza: New Park Pizza in Howard Beach is hard to get to but worth the effort

Date August 11, 2014

via @nycfoodguy Instagram

A photo can only do so much justice to conveying the comfort food factor a pizza pie offers, especially this plain pie at New Park Pizza. This was my first stop after arriving at JFK Airport after 23 days in Japan and Australia and it was almost as comforting as the hug my Mom and Sister simultaneously grabbed me in 20 minutes earlier. Ask for it well done when you order and the unique brick oven (make sure to take a look at it) will torch up a pie for you in under 5 minutes. The crust is crispy and chewy and the sauce is sweet and thin and it all comes together with an abundance of mozzarella to form one of my favorite classic NYC style slices. Thanks to the inimitable Paulie Gee for the recommendation.

NYC Kosher Deli: Pastrami Queen on the Upper East Side Serves One of the Best Pastrami Sandwiches I’ve Had Outside of Katz’s Deli (Just Make Sure to Ask For It “Fatty”)

Date February 13, 2014


I’m paraphrasing Henry Miller’s “Tropic of Cancer” here when I say the best part of life is meeting new people because we can’t possibly experience all of what life has to offer on our own. That’s why I’m happy I stuck around after a comedy show a few weeks back to introduce myself to the very funny comedy duo Stone and Stone.  They offered two totally new experiences: their offbeat and hilarious brand of comedy AND new places to eat.  Our conversation strayed to my world of food and they praised Pastrami Queen on 78th and Lexington Avenue, a place I hadn’t tried.  And since we’re three Jews with a love for outlandish statements and cured meats, what better place than Pastrami Queen (one of the only truly kosher delis in Manhattan) to meet on a cold February night?

What the deli lacks in ambiance – it’s just a few small tables and a tall deli counter inside – it makes up for with its pastrami, especially if you ask for it fatty.  My overstuffed sandwich ($15.95) arrived on fresh, seeded rye bread, thin slices of machine-cut beef layered atop one another glistening under fluorescent lights.  It was one of the best pastrami sandwiches I’ve had in a while outside of Katz’s Deli.  And that’s a feat Pastrami Queen can be proud of because they key to Katz’s pastrami is that it’s hand cut against the grain of the meat resulting in bites that just crumble and melt in your mouth.  It’s the same principle you would apply to a great burger, you want it loosely packed so the fat and juices have little spaces to dwell within the meat and create extra flavor with every bite.   For Pastrami Queen to accomplishes the same crumbly, melt in your mouth quality even though its meat is sliced by machine is something to brag about.  The corned beef was equally fall-apart-tender but unfortunately the brisket was quite dry. Hand cut French fries were excellent, crisp as requested and about as thick as a diner fry so there was some actual potato inside as well.  I’m not on the Upper East Side often but thanks to the Stone brothers and Pastrami Queen, more frequent trips uptown may be in order.

Pastrami Queen

1125 Lexington Ave b/t 78th and 79th Street
New York, NY 10075
Open 10AM-10PM everyday

Brooklyn Pizza: Creative Neapolitan Pies, Homemade Mozzarella, Fresh Pastas & S’mores Calzones at Emily in Clinton Hill

Date January 31, 2014

pizza emily

My lovely date and I emerged from the C train Clinton/Washington Street subway stop on to Fulton Street and walked one and a half blocks to “Emily,” a cozy and friendly Neapolitan pizza restaurant owned by husband and wife Matt and Emily Hyland.    After training under Luca Arrigoni of Sottocasa (Boerum Hill), a disciple of Roberto Caporuscio of Keste Pizza (West Village), Matt helped open Brooklyn Central in Park Slope where Emily joined him there as general manager. When it came time for the two to embark on their own pizza adventure, Matt named his restaurant and his signature pizza after his wife. Brownie points for life.

With sturdy, light-colored wood tables, low lighting, a tall bar, and a diverse and affordable wine, beer and cocktail list, this is a great neighborhood spot or destination date spot (just a few blocks from Barclays Center, BAM and a quick cab ride from the new Royal Palms Shuffelboard Club in Gowanus).

Start with a kale salad ($9) dressed with shaved pecorino, dried cherries and sherry-thyme vinaigrette and the crispy Brussels sprouts ($9) with worcestershire, diced apple, black sesame and some mild chiles.  If you’re feeling indulgent, order a generously portioned meat and cheese plate ($18) and make sure it includes the creamy Bleu alongside toasted pecans, dried cherries and sliced pear with honey.  If you’re in the mood for red wine, the $34 bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Reserve is a slightly dry and very drinkable complement to most of the items I recommend.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Reserve, 2009, Visconti della Rocca, Abruzzo, Italy 34

Make sure to save room for pasta, bought fresh from Sfoglini, a local Brooklyn wholesale operation started by a former chef from Roberta’s Pizza.  The cavatelli  with melted ricotta, poppy seed and lemon zest is Hyland’s take on the Roman classic “cacio e pepe” and is a perfect prelude to his pizzas.  Make sure to keep the bowl on your table as the pizzas arrive because you’ll want to dip the pizza crust in the leftover cream sauce that collects at the bottom.

Two pizzas for two people is an ideal order, just make sure one of them is the namesake “Emily” (pictured above, $19) featuring mildly funky tallegio cheese and creamy pillows of mozzarella (made fresh daily by Matt) topped with pistachios and honey.  Truffle spread is also listed as an ingredient but it didn’t play much of a flavor role for us.  My lovely date and I also tried the “William” pizza ($12) topped with tomato sauce, the excellent mozzarella, olives, red onion, garlic, and fresh basil.  The sweet sauce and briny olives had a slightly overpowering effect but the mozzarella made it very easy to keep eating.  We left a few slices behind (Lovely date enjoyed the reheated pizza leftovers the next day) to save room for our gooey chocolate and marshmallow-filled S’mores calzone ($10), which like the rest of the evening at Emily – food, service and atmosphere –  was as comforting as you hope it would be on a brisk January evening in New York City.


919 Fulton Street b/t Clinton Ave & Waverly Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11238
Open Sun-Monday 5-11PM, Wed-Fri 5-11PM, Sat 5PM-12AM,
Closed Tuesdays