NYC Food Guy Video: Citi Field’s New Food plus NYC Food Guy’s Perfect Menu at the Ballpark

Date April 2, 2010

Disco Frites? Fiery and crisp Korean fried chicken?  Buffalo chicken pizza topped with bleu cheese?  This sounds more like the menu of The Collective than some of the new additions to Citi Field.  After a comprehensive Citi Field food preview in 2009, NYC Food Guy reunites with SNY’s Ted Berg for a taste of what’s new and a little competition: Who can put together a better menu at Citi Field? So whose menu do you like better, NYC Food Guy’s or Ted Berg’s? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section.

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10 Responses to “NYC Food Guy Video: Citi Field’s New Food plus NYC Food Guy’s Perfect Menu at the Ballpark”

  1. gingerspice said:

    Looks awesome! Can you eat at CitiField without having a ticket to a Mets game? Also – who’s Hanover who makes the Korean Fried Chicken – never heard of ’em!

  2. Jodie said:

    Lawrence, you crack me up!

  3. Shelby said:

    lawrence you look at lot cuter and more mature than u did last year…have you been working out?

  4. H-E said:

    That looks delicious!!!!!

    REally serious stuff.

  5. Lil NYC Food Gal said:

    I love this video! Lawrence, you did such an awesome job! I think you have a real future in food TV… 🙂

  6. Chels said:

    I agree with Shelby. You look adorableeeee.

  7. Citi Field: The Food « – New York Mets Video Baseball Blog | Mets News said:

    […] Lawrence aka “NYCFoodGuy” sent me an email letting me know that he recently filmed a Citi Field Food Preview video with Ted Berg from and TedQuarters highlighting the new grub at the ballpark. Below is that video. For more on this check out the NYCFoodGuy here. […]

  8. Before Sunrise said:

    Love it, Lawrence! Miss the shack burger, we don’t have that over here 🙁

    Love the taco cheers LOL.

    Glad to see you at it.

  9. Sara said:

    gingerspice, you can eat at CitiField without a Mets tkt if you go to a concert. You can eat much of CitiField’s food at their original locations throughout NYC – Nathan’s, Daruma, Cascarinos, Mama’s, Shake Shack, etc.

  10. Restaurant Madness Championship — The Wandering Foodie said:

    […] on the subject of Citi Field, I’d also seen evidence of some kicked-up poutine in this vid (another link), but those fries didn’t make the cut for this year’s Restaurant Madness. Another item […]

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