“NYC Food Tour” on NYC TV – Episode 3: Unique & Exotic Cuisines in the East Village

Date November 11, 2013

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The third episode of “NYC Food Tour,” the food TV show I’m producing, hosting and editing begins airing this week on NYC TV. It was a big thrill to receive so much positive feedback on Episode 1: “Smorgasburg” and Episode 2: Astoria, Queens – so thanks to everyone for that – but I’m even more excited about Episode 3: “East Village”.  If you haven’t had a memorable meal in a long time, one that really stopped you in your tracks because it was so unique and flavorful, then it’s time for you to head to the East Village.  In this episode I conquer Filipino food, Georgian food and a Montreal, Canada twist on classic NYC deli.  Every episode is jam packed with mouth watering food porn, but since it’s only four minutes long you won’t be able to find it on your DVR, so watch it here instead! Share it with your friends, subscribe to my YouTube Channel below for more videos and feel free to provide feedback and offer suggestions for future episodes. Thanks for watching!

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4 Responses to ““NYC Food Tour” on NYC TV – Episode 3: Unique & Exotic Cuisines in the East Village”

  1. foodiemagician said:

    this is amazing. period.

  2. stevenp said:

    Yo, good stuff! One suggestion: an you put the names/addresses of the places you cover in the video descriptions? Makes for easy reference!

    Also, an I join in for your upcoming episode on NYC Wings? Recent ones to consider are the hot mountain wings at M-Thai (22nd/8th) and BBQue’s at 6th/21st.

  3. The NYC Food Guy said:

    @Foodie Magician,
    Thanks man!

    Definitely need to check out M-Thai. What is BBQ? Is that like Dallas BBQ?

  4. Adam said:

    Great video! thanks… 🙂

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