Financial District Lunch: Tabasco Chicken Over Rice at Water Street Gourmet

Date September 3, 2008

  • What: Tabasco Chicken (heavy cream and chipotle sauce, no actual tobasco, mixed with tender chunks of mainly white meat chicken) over your choice of yellow or white rice. It’s a quick, spicy, filling and affordable lunch in the Financial District.
  • Cost: $10 with a drink
  • Inside Info: Since there’s not actually any Tabasco in it, the spice level is mild with a tiny kick. The deliciousness of this dish won’t floor you but it will keep your wallet full and your stomach happy.

Where: 12 Water St between Whitehall Street & Broad Street, NY, NY 10004 212-785-5200

15 Responses to “Financial District Lunch: Tabasco Chicken Over Rice at Water Street Gourmet”

  1. puke said:

    that looks like someone puked in a tin dude

    rice looks decent though…

    not sure how 10 bucks is a good deal for that….i’d rather get 10 hot dogs off a street vender and swallow them whole..


  2. The NYC Food Guy said:


    You may be right but its still damn tasty. $10 for a filling meal is a deal in this city, have you tried to buy lunch in any of the business-centric hoods in Manhattan?

  3. creamme said:

    im down for just about any lunch that includes a dollop of heavy cream

  4. phil said:

    phil is back! was traveling in europe for a while. glad to see you’re posting again nycfg!

  5. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Hold on a minute…Puke may be right. How much is a Papaya King dog? I confess, Doc Dyspepsia is an old mofo, who last time he ate one, a Papaya Dog was edible, and cost 99 cents. 10 bucks for a pukey Thai meal, or all the Papaya King dogs you can eat, and live? Hard one….

  6. dr dr! said:

    CLASSIC last line right there….we’re sure you know allllll abouutttt “hard ones”….

  7. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Oh my. I said “hard” on this web site. What a boner!

    But what about “puke”, who swallows them whole?

  8. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Easy there man. You’re walking a thin line amidst my sometimes raunchy readers. Just know you walk that line alone.

    When are we doing Ben’s Best? Two weekends from now? Or should we just do a BK diner burger asap?

  9. phil said:

    Hey – can i join for the bk diner burger? i LOVE them.

  10. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Yes, Guy, I went overboard, and gave in to an easy setup. Thanks for reining me in.

    As for an excursion, let’s talk off-line, both look mighty good.


  11. phil said:

    Can I join the two of you for a burger?

  12. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Absolutely. Email me [email protected] and we’ll go from there.

  13. donuts4dinner said:

    Water St. is a favourite around my office, partly because there’s noooooothing else to eat down here, but partly because that Tabasco chicken is crazy-delicious.

    One of my co-workers convinced me to get it over the baked ziti once, and let me tell you–it’s the best. The sweetness of the sauce in the ziti really cuts the spiciness of the chicken. And unlike you, I think the chicken is waaaaaay spicy.

    I can’t believe it’s not really Tabasco, though!

  14. Justin said:

    do you know how they make the sauce for the chicken? its absolutely delicious and i would love to try to make it myself. i know u said heavy creama and chipotle sauce but anything else?

  15. Paul said:

    This sounds all kinds of awesome. Is it still great in 2013?

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