NYC Food Guy’s Cheap Eats: Hale & Hearty’s $4.69 Large Salad

Date March 19, 2008

No more getting ripped off for a make-your-own salad at the “we have it all” deli because for $4.69 you can get a large Romaine or Mixed Green salad with 4 free toppings (shredded carrots, sliced cucumbers, sliced red onion, and crispy croutons) at Hale & Hearty.


Select the dressing of your choice (NYC Food Guy recommends Hale & Hearty Vinaigrette) and choose between a hearty piece of sourdough or multi-grain bread and you’re in business. The salad makers are usually pretty good about giving you a little extra, toppings or bread, free of charge. So get over there and eat cheap, there’s 19 locations in Manhattan alone.

21 Responses to “NYC Food Guy’s Cheap Eats: Hale & Hearty’s $4.69 Large Salad”

  1. DDR said:

    You have to pay extra if you want tomatoes in your salad? Is that right?

  2. The NYC Food Guy said:


    That is correct. $0.55 extra for tomato. I say buy a tomato for the same price at the fruit store and you’ll be happier in the end. They chop their tomatoes coarsely. Their chicken is weak too. It’s definitely not worth the extra dollar. If you bring some grilled chicken from home or pick some up at the deli and add it yourself, you’ll be in much better shape.

  3. DDR said:

    I don’t eat salad, so I was just curious. But I noticed some local delis have been trying to charge extra for a slice of translucent tomato on a turkey sandwich. Smiler’s and Cranberry – I’m looking at yous!
    Inflation – it’s a real sonofabitch.

  4. Momo said:

    of course!! i should’ve changed it earlier!! my baddd
    thanx for reading my blog! i’m waiting for some more badass burgers/sandwiches loaded with high cholesterol/sodium and high-everything else :)!!!

  5. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Stay Tuned because that stuff is on the way in the form of some serious heart-stopping deliciousness! Thanks for changing the link.

  6. Celestialnyc said:

    wha? a salad? whats that?

  7. Celestialnyc said:

    why on earth would you touch rabbit food? I am deeply repulse and offended. I saw bring on the MAYO and fried oreo.

  8. tossy mctosserson said:

    salad? SALAD!!?!?!? Unless its the greatest salad in the entire worlllldd, why are you posting SALAD on here!!?

  9. The NYC Food Guy said:

    I posted a salad because sometimes, even NYC Food Guy needs to give his arteries a break, and if I’m going to do that, I’m not going to pay big for it. This salad is cheap and delicious. You can’t go wrong.

  10. Celestialnyc said:

    Hey, Hey. Thats not true. Eating crap all the time is not entirly bad…just look at japanese female food competitor “Gal SONE”..the gir is 95lbs and can eat 40,000 calories in one sitting.

  11. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Just cause you don’t see it on the outside doesn’t mean things are in bad shape on the inside. Regardless, I’m feeling a little grease withdrawal myself so maybe it’s time for something delicious to be the newest post.

    I’ll let you choose Celestial, what’s it going to be?

    A Burger Battle?
    A BBQ Battle?
    A Drunken Noodles Battle?

  12. Danny said:

    Drunken noodle battle?!?

  13. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Oh you heard it right. It’s going to have to go down.

  14. stevenp said:

    There are a few delis around town that will make a salad with ALL the toppings you want (including grilled/breaded chicken, tuna, turkey chunks, mozzarella balls, feta cubes, tomato, snow peas, artichokes, whatever!) for a fixed price of $7. You can seriously get a 3-pound salad at these places–much better deal than the exorbitant-price-per-puny-add-in salad shops. H&H, Chopt, Europa, etc. – meh.

  15. The NYC Food Guy said:


    That’s awesome. Which places?

  16. stevenp said:

    At the risk of creating a mob scene, the Bistro 49 on 49th near Park has AYCA salads for $7. There’s another place not too far from there but I forget the name. I think it’s on 46th. The Bistro’s other foods are also good (udon, mongolian bbq, etc.)

    I too look forward to a drunken noodle battle!

  17. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Ha, I can understand your reluctance but I’ll head over and check it out one of these days and see how it compares to Hale and Hearty.

    Well if you want the Drunken Noodle Battle, you got it. Stay tuned!

  18. Midtown Lunch: Outdoor Eating Spots « NYC Food Guy said:

    […] Hale & Hearty $4.69 Large Salad […]

  19. Bill said:

    The tough thing with most places that do salad with mix-ins is that each ingredient bumps up the price. I think that is the case with PAX and Cafe Metro locations. The one that offer “up to” free mix-ins are good, but the additional ones can really bump up the price tag. I’ll have to check out the Hale & Hearty soon.

    My favorite place is Cafe University on the corner of Waverly Place and University Place in the Village. It’s diagonally across from the northeast corner of Washington Square Park. the salad (big bowl, I think) is $5.95 with 4 free mix-ins. I usually get the mixed greens with grilled cajun chicken, roatsed red peppers (an item that usually costs you about $.75 elsewhere), raisins and walnuts. I top it off with a soy-ginger dressing. Big salad and very filling. I gotta go with the NYCFoodGuy in saying that sometimes the ship known as billyboy needs to be righted every so often. If I get there and say “F this salad bizness!”, I can always walk next door to the Weinstein Dining Hall at NYU and get a couple of chicken sandwiches from the Chik-Fil-A that is in there. Yeah, that’s right, baby!! One caveat though, I think they are closed for the until most of the students return in the fall.

  20. Anonymous said:

    Can you include meat? How much more for a meat topping?

  21. Bnad said:

    How times have changed since 2008. H&H salad with 5 toppings (5 toppings is now the cheap point, cheaper than 4) is now $10.25 before tax, over $11 after tax.

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