VIDEO: Watch my new food web series “The Explorers” and discover exciting ethnic cuisines!

Date January 11, 2017

Apparently all my eating is paying off! I’m hosting a brand new food web series called “The Explorers” for! On each episode we go around the world without leaving New York City as I help viewers discover incredible ethnic cuisines through each cuisine’s most classic dishes. Watch and enjoy and please share on Facebook. And if you have suggestions for future videos send them my way!

Episode 2 (1/6/17) This Filipino dish is a pork lover’s dream and the hangover cure you’ve been praying for!

Learn more on and check out the restaurant in the video: Maharlika in Manhattan’s East Village (map).

Episode 1 (12/11/16) You’ve never seen a burger like this before! That’s because it’s a Pakistani halal burger that may be one of the best in all of Brooklyn!

Learn more on and check out the restaurant in the video: BK Jani in Bushwick, Brooklyn (map).

7 Responses to “VIDEO: Watch my new food web series “The Explorers” and discover exciting ethnic cuisines!”

  1. Harvey said:

    What can I say, it looks delicious and if I ever get out of GN and into Bushwick, I’m there.

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