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NYC Weekend-Only Eats: Carnitas Tacos at Porchetta in East Village (Ask for Cracklin on the side)

Date October 11, 2013

I like weekends about as much as I thought I could. Then I discovered the weekend-only carnitas tacos at Porchetta and now weekends are the new black. ¬†If you’ve had the namesake porchetta sandwich (Niman Ranch pork loin and pork belly stuffed with spices, rolled and roasted until moist inside and fatty and crispy outside), […]

East Village Sandwiches: Get to Porchetta TODAY for the limited edition Lebanese Pressed Chicken Sandwich

Date July 2, 2012

White meat chicken breast finally has a raison d’etre and it’s name is the Lebanese Pressed Chicken Sandwich ($10) at Porchetta. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better at the porcine palace, Chef Sara Jenkins had to go and follow through on all the¬†Lebanese food talk and create what is quite possibly the […]

East Village Italian: Porchetta Pork Sandwich Is Pricey but Tasty

Date September 25, 2008

The East Village is abundant with Italian restaurants but thin on Italian speciality shops where you can find great sandwiches and well prepared sides. Porchetta, which opened this week on 7th Street between 1st Ave. & Avenue A, provides just that but in a very streamlined manner; the only meat served is porchetta. The fatty, […]