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NYC Best Burgers: Six Dream-Worthy Burgers From All Around Manhattan

Date September 13, 2013

Clockwise from top left: Coppelia, Blue Collar, The National, Bayard Ale House, Brindle Room, Full Shilling “I not only think about food all day,” said Henry Miller in “Tropic of Cancer,” “but I dream about it at night.” NYC Food Guy, he dreams about cheeseburgers. Big, dinner plate-sized sandwiches filled with juicy beef patties with […]

NYC Chelsea & Highline Restaurants: Bone marrow and brisket burgers, new specials, and killer dessert at The Highliner

Date October 27, 2011

Eating on 10th Avenue near the Highline is never an easy decision. Do you go for broke on murderer’s row with Del Posto, Morimoto or Colicchio and Sons? Do you grab slices with the club kids at Artichoke? Do you pay for overpriced, overhyped American food at Cookshop? What if you just want comfort food […]

NYC Best Wings Part 1: Blind Tiger Ale House Flies Ahead of the Pack

Date December 12, 2008

NYC Food Guy loves wings; high quality chicken, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and doused in a fiery sauce. Astonishingly, there are no go to wings in New York City. Dinosaur BBQ never disappoints but it’s just one place, way uptown. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to find the city’s […]

NY Food Tour: Kreuz Market Jalapeno Cheese Sausage at Hill Country

Date August 20, 2008

NYC Food Guy Note: I’m on vacation in California so I’m sending you on a NY Food Tour to keep your stomach happy while I’m gone. Enjoy the deliciousness. What: The star at Hill Country’s carnivore castle is the Jalapeno Cheese pork sausage shipped from Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas. The best sausage NYC Food […]

RUB BBQ Rocks: $40 Feast for Two

Date July 16, 2008

The aptly named Righteous Urban Barbeque lives up to expectations; Affordable and meaty ribs, brisket-topped chili cheese fries and deep fried Oreos. It hasn’t disappointed in 5 visits and I’m pumped to go back. Read on to find out how you and a friend can feast for $20 each.