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Northern Chinese Food in Manhattan’s Chinatown: Henan Flavor’s Big Tray of Chicken is the Ultimate Bargain

Date November 2, 2011

You’re not here for the atmosphere; there is none, though the BYOB policy makes up for that a bit. You’re not here you’re here for the location, a few hundred feet from the traffic heavy entrance to the Manhattan bridge. Don’t waste time with the ordinary pancake with pork and cilantro ($2, 2nd from bottom) […]

NYC Baked Pork Buns: My Favorite is at Mei Li Wah Bakery and it Costs 80 cents

Date October 20, 2011

It’s not necessarily the best in Manhattan or the best in Chinatown. I don’t want to spark another comment section controversy as I did with soup dumplings. What Mei Li Wah Bakery does offer is my favorite baked pork bun. They seem perpetually fresh; I’m always handed the last bun on the tray and it’s […]

NYC Best Pork and Crab Soup Dumplings: RedFarm is Far Superior to Joe’s Shanghai

Date October 17, 2011

Joe’s Shanghai (above) and Red Farm (below). In my RedFarm post last week, I called chef Joe Ng’s steamed pork and crab soup dumpling the best in Manhattan. Stacy, a commenter on the post, asked how RedFarm’s version compares to Joe’s Shanghai, which many consider the finest steamed soup dumpling on the island. After a […]

Introduction to Dim Sum at Jing Fong Restaurant

Date March 9, 2009

NYC Food Guy’s first dim sum experience is complete and what an eating extravaganza it was! I’ll preview each of the 24 different dishes I tasted (in one sitting) and I’ll also provide you with some essential information to ensure you get the most out of your dim sum experience. If you’ve never eaten dim […]