NYC Weekend-Only Eats: Carnitas Tacos at Porchetta in East Village (Ask for Cracklin on the side)

Date October 11, 2013

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I like weekends about as much as I thought I could. Then I discovered the weekend-only carnitas tacos at Porchetta and now weekends are the new black.  If you’ve had the namesake porchetta sandwich (Niman Ranch pork loin and pork belly stuffed with spices, rolled and roasted until moist inside and fatty and crispy outside), you know how seriously Chef Sara Jenkins and her crew take their pork.  So when you hear that the carnitas are made of rib meat and pork loin trimmings from the porchetta, you should be very happy; Jenkins’ pork trimmings are better than most other restaurants pork chops.  And you should be holding your breath as your plate of tacos (2 for $7) slides toward you across the counter, your eyes welling up with tears of joy at the first sight of juicy nuggets of pan-fried pork, their edges crispy and dark, topped with finely chopped cilantro and onion and a bright, creamy avocado, cilantro and lime salsa verde.  Exhale and ask for a side of cracklin with your tacos; crispy, melt in your mouth pork skin makes every bite even better.  Just make sure to squeeze some lime on top of each taco, the acidity is a welcome addition.  Make sure to show up before 2-3pm on Sunday because they typically run out by then.  Your weekend may never be the same again.

Porchetta Website

110 East 7th Street b/t 1st Ave & Ave A

New York, NY 10009