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VIDEO: Easy, affordable & over-the-top Super Bowl Party Menu Ideas on CBS NY with Steve Overmyer

Date February 4, 2018

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute idea for Super Bowl Sunday, want to stash my ideas for next year or just want to get crazy in the kitchen ANY DAY OF THE YEAR, you NEED to watch my segment with the great Steve Overmyer.  Philly cheesesteak pizza w/ cheese sauce and fried calamari spicy marinara swirl pizza! […]

VIDEO: Taking Stadium Food Next Level & Turning it Green For St Patrick’s Day on MLB.com’s show “12:25 Live with Alexa”

Date March 20, 2017

When I was asked to come on MLB.com’s new show “12:25 Live with Alexa” and bring on green versions of baseball stadium food for St Patrick’s Day, I knew I had to do more than just dye some dishes green. As usual I took things to the next level and added some real culinary twists […]

VIDEO: My Top 3 Craziest Sports Stadium Foods on MSG Network & Fox Sports 1

Date March 16, 2017

My alter ego “The Sports Food Guy” is getting some more face time! I’m talking about my top 3 craziest sports stadium dishes on MSG Networks & FS1 in a promotional spot for Tums (talk about organic marketing!) airing in two shows “In the Spotlight” and “Focused” watchable in over 86 million homes! Are there […]

VIDEO: Taking you to Ethiopia and Malaysia in Two New Episodes of Thrillist’s “The Explorers”

Date March 1, 2017

Episodes 5 and 4 of my new food web series “The Explorers” for Thrillist.com is live! And without leaving New York City these two episodes will transport you across the world thanks to some exotic flavors AND colors! That’s what “The Explorers” is all about! Taking viewers around the world without leaving New York City. […]

VIDEO: Talking Polarizing Food Combinations on Fox 5 NY News Feb 22, 2017

Date February 23, 2017

When Iceland’s President decided to make a joke about banning pineapple as a pizza topping, he never thought it would send ripples throughout the world. He obviously didn’t realize that pizza connects us all on a deep, elemental level and people are VERY sensitive about being told how to eat it. Fox 5 NY wanted […]

VIDEO: Last-Minute Super Bowl Party Recipes To Blow Your Guest’s Minds!

Date February 4, 2017

If you’re hosting a party for Super Bowl Sunday and you’re looking for last minute inspiration this video is your script for stepping up the menu without breaking the bank or your back cooking. Just follow my simple recipes and tricks and your friends will think you’re a gourmet chef! I’m setting you up with […]

VIDEO: NYC Food Guy’s 2017 Super Bowl Menu Must-Haves on 120Sports.com

Date February 3, 2017

Another year, another chance to make people’s jaws drop and drool at my menu of Super Bowl Party creations! We’ve got bacon-covered cheese pretzel pops, a dish I’m calling “Heaven on a Hashbrown,” Buffalo (or not) Chicken Finger Nachos, and a doughnut creation that may make you lick your computer screen. You’ve gotta see it […]

VIDEO: The Middle Eastern Deep Dish Dessert Pizza of Your Dreams

Date January 21, 2017

Episode 3 of my new food web series “The Explorers” for Thrillist.com is live! And this one is cheesy in all the best ways. Watch me and an amazing Palestinian mother and chef laugh our way through this amazing recipe. “The Explorers” is all about going around the world without leaving New York City as […]

VIDEO: Watch my new food web series “The Explorers” and discover exciting ethnic cuisines!

Date January 11, 2017

Apparently all my eating is paying off! I’m hosting a brand new food web series called “The Explorers” for Thrillist.com! On each episode we go around the world without leaving New York City as I help viewers discover incredible ethnic cuisines through each cuisine’s most classic dishes. Watch and enjoy and please share on Facebook. […]

VIDEO: Tasting Homemade Versions of NFL Football’s Craziest Stadium Foods

Date October 3, 2016

America loves NFL football and the “idea” of going to the game is great. But let’s be honest unless you’re a die hard fan, going to the game is not that much fun without great seats, a lot of booze and an awesome tailgate.  So this year NFL teams are following in the footsteps of Major […]

VIDEO: Tasting Homemade Versions of Major League Baseball’s Craziest Stadium Food for 2016

Date April 4, 2016

The players are in shape for Major League Baseball’s Opening Day but the fans are in trouble especially if you look at the new lineup of edible monstrosities being sold this season at ballparks all over the country. Instead of immediately doing aerobic exercise Steve Overmyer, sports anchor for New York City’s WCBS & WLNY55-10 […]

NYC Food Guy Video: A few of the most exciting savory & sweet options at Smorgasburg

Date September 23, 2013

“Good things to those who wait.”  Or so they say.  When it comes to sweet food videos, however, there’s no time like the present. Smorgasburg is a food festival unlike any other in New York City. It crashes into the Brooklyn coast each weekend through November – Saturdays in Williamsburg and Sundays in DUMBO – […]

NYC Food Guy on PIX11 Morning News: Best Cheap Eats in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island

Date September 15, 2011

I may have disappeared for a full year, but it was not without reason: I chose a job over my blog. But now I have a new employer and only one thing matters: NYC Food Guy is back!   If you know NYC Food Guy, you know I’m dedicated to finding delicious and affordable food. […]

NYC Food Guy on PIX11 Morning News: Where to Drink Outside and Eat Cold Desserts Before Summer Ends

Date September 13, 2011

I may have disappeared for a full year, but it was not without reason: I chose a job over my blog. But now I have a new employer and only one thing matters: NYC Food Guy is back!   Whether New Yorkers have missed NYC Food Guy or not, soon they’ll all be missing summer. […]

In The Meatball Shop’s Kitchen with Chef & Co-Owner Daniel Holzman

Date July 9, 2010

YouTube Link How did The Meatball Shop’s Chef and Co-Owner Daniel Holzman get a job a Le Bernadin at age 14? Which HBO TV star stole his first love? Where did the idea for The Meatball Shop come from? He’ll answer those questions plus we’ll make a little history, tasting The Meatball Shop’s brand new, […]