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Best Bite of The Week: First Prize Pies S’Mores Pie at Fatty Cue (plus the full recipe)

Date May 21, 2010

What’s better than BBQ and pie? How about when the pie is arguably better than the BBQ? This was the thought running through my mind upon tasting First Prize Pies S’Mores Pie ($6/slice) last week at Fatty Cue. All of the Southeast Asian-inspired BBQ was spot on, but when someone can take a foolproof recipe […]

What to Drink This Weekend: Brand New “Tong Po” Pickle Back Shot at Fatty Cue

Date May 14, 2010

It’s pretty cool being the first person to try a new drink.  Thursday night at Fatty Cue, NYC Food Guy received this honor alongside Hagan the Wandering Foodie and Andy from Wined & Dined.  Adam the bartender calls his $8, Thai-inspired pickle back “Tong Po,” a reference to the pony-tailed villain from the 1989 Jean-Claude […]