Sports Food Guy

I’m not just The NYC Food Guy, I’m also The Sports Food Guy!

Sports has always been one of my greatest passions and before I became a food blogger and food TV host, I worked behind the scenes writing stories at NBC Sports, CBS Sports,, and SNY the NY Mets’ TV station. ┬áMy goal was to become a sports reporter but I fell in love with food and decided to become a food TV host and now I get to combine my passions as a sports food expert! As you can see in the TV appearances below I’m known for creating and cooking over the top game day dishes and re-creating the craziest stadium foods to see if they’re worth eating.

My Over-The-Top 2018 Super Bowl Party Menu on CBS New York w/ Steve Overmyer Video Link

Taking Stadium Food Next Level & Turning it Green For St Patrick’s Day for’s show “12:25 Live with Alexa” Video Link

My Top 3 Craziest Sports Stadium Dishes in a promotional spot for Tums airing in “In the Spotlight” on Fox Sports Network and “Focused” on MSG Network watchable in over 86 million homes

Lawrence Weibman’s Super Bowl Party Menu Must-Haves for 2017 on 2017)

Lawrence Weibman’s Crazy NFL Stadium Food Creations on CBS New York
(September 2016)

Lawrence Weibman’s Crazy Baseball Stadium Food Creations on WLNY55/10

Lawrence Weibman’s Crazy Homemade Super Bowl Creations on WLNY55/10