Video & TV Appearances

My Over-The-Top 2018 Super Bowl Party Menu on CBS New York w/ Steve Overmyer Video Link

Taking Stadium Food Next Level & Turning it Green For St Patrick’s Day for’s show “12:25 Live with Alexa” Video Link

My Top 3 Craziest Sports Stadium Dishes in a promotional spot for Tums airing in “In the Spotlight” on Fox Sports Network and “Focused” on MSG Network watchable in over 86 million homes

Host of “The Explorers” on – My 5th Episode (2/27/17) The Malaysian Blue Rice Dessert You Never Knew You Needed!

Host of “The Explorers” on – My 4th Episode (2/15/17) Making authentic Ethiopian Injera Bread for a Colorful Meal!

Speaking on Polarizing Food Combinations on Fox 5 NY at 1:37 in the video (February 2017)

Lawrence Weibman’s Super Bowl Party Menu Must-Haves for 2017 on 2017)

Lawrence Weibman’s Last Minute Super Bowl Recipes for 2017 on WLNY Ch 55/10 (February 2017)

Host of “The Explorers” on – My 3rd Episode (1/18/17) Knafeh aka buttery, sweet & cheesy Middle Eastern deep dish dessert pizza!

Host of “The Explorers” on – My 2nd Episode (1/6/17) Sizzling Sisig aka Filipino Pig Face Hash!

Host of “The Explorers” on – My 1st Episode (12/11/16) The unlikely Pakistani burger that is one of Brooklyn’s best

Lawrence Weibman’s Crazy NFL Stadium Food Creations on CBS New York
(September 2016)

Lawrence Weibman’s Crazy Baseball Stadium Food Creations on WLNY55/10

Lawrence Weibman’s Crazy Homemade Super Bowl Creations on WLNY55/10

“NYC Food Tour” on NYC TV, Episode 3: Exotic Cuisines & Unique Creations in the East Village
Produced, Edited & Hosted by Lawrence Weibman aka The NYC Food Guy

“NYC Food Tour” on NYC TV, Episode 2: Real BBQ, Greek Pizza and Pork Belly Gyros in Astoria
Produced, Edited & Hosted by Lawrence Weibman aka The NYC Food Guy

“NYC Food Tour” on NYC TV, Episode 1: The NYC Food Guy’s Most Exciting Picks at Smorgasburg
Produced, Edited & Hosted by Lawrence Weibman aka The NYC Food Guy

NYCFoodGuy on CBS’ NY Jets Flight Plan

Lawrence The NYC Food Guy highlights a few of Wise Potato Chips’ creative recipes for your holiday leftovers on CBS’s “Jets Flight Plan” with Steve Overmyer on 12/12/10.

NYC Food Guy interviews NYC’s top chefs at Meatopia 2010

The Food Guy Cooks Serious Sliders – Food Network Audition Video

In The Meatball Shop’s Kitchen with Chef & Co-Owner Daniel Holzman

How did The Meatball Shop’s Chef and Co-Owner Daniel Holzman get a job a Le Bernadin at age 14? Which HBO TV star stole his first love? Where did the idea for The Meatball Shop come from? He’ll answer those questions plus we’ll make a little history, tasting The Meatball Shop’s brand new, pork fat-infused Buffalo chicken meatballs and blueberry frozen yogurt macaron sandwiches for the first time on camera.

NYC Food Guy interviews the star of Cooking Channel’s “Chuck’s Day Off”

Link to Cooking Channel Home Page of “Chuck’s Day Off.

NYC Food Guy at Food Network’s Great America Food and Music Festival

NYC Food Guy’s Best Central American Food at the Red Hook Ball Fields

The Red Hook Ball Fields offer New York City’s best gathering of authentic and affordable Central American food – all in once place! It’s a quintessential NYC experience and whenever you make it out there, NYC Food Guy is here to see that you make the most of your stomach space with my “best of the Ball Fields” video.