NYC Best Wings Part 1: Blind Tiger Ale House Flies Ahead of the Pack

Date December 12, 2008

NYC Food Guy loves wings; high quality chicken, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and doused in a fiery sauce. Astonishingly, there are no go to wings in New York City. Dinosaur BBQ never disappoints but it’s just one place, way uptown. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to find the city’s best wings in as many tours as it takes. Part One of my adventure features eight spots, only one of which truly impressed. Read on to find out about some great deals, some wings to avoid and whether or not the legend of Scruffy Duffy’s wings lives.


Blind Tiger Ale House uses a unique cooking method to ensure a one of a kind wing experience

The Bad

Getting the unworthy wings out of the way to prevent you from making mistakes.

Lansdowne Road

599 10th Ave
New York, NY 10036
(212) 239-8020

Once upon a time, my favorite wings were at Scruffy Duffy’s on 8th Avenue b/t 46th & 47th. It was a big Steelers bar right off Times Square but all was forgiven because the Buffalo wings rocked. A thin, crispy skin encased meaty wings always covered in a fiery, hot pepper-flake studded sauce. Unfortunately the Disney-ification of Times Square eradicated this Hell’s Kitchen landmark leaving us only with sister bar Lansdowne Road where the Scruffy Duffy name is being tarnished, literally.


Landsdowne Road actually advertises “Scruffy Duffy’s World Famous Wings” on their menu (12 for $7.50, 24 for $12.50). But the similarities end at the name. The sauce was bitter and cakey and the wings were over-fried and brittle. An inedible excuse for the Scruffy Duffy name.


St. Mark’s Ale House

2 Saint Marks Place nr 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 260-9762

St. Mark’s Ale House is one of the few NYC relics remaining on a street that’s slowly turning into little Tokyo. Fortunately for the Ale House, they’re not staking their repuation on their wings. A tangy, slightly spicy sauce covers tiny low quality wings devoid of any crispy skin. Forget the fact that a dozen is under $10, these wings should be given away. Stick to the beer at St. Mark’s Ale House and if you’re hungry, go get a falafel.


SideWalk Bar & Restaurant

Food Served Until 4AM Sun – Wed, 24 Hours Fri – Sat.

94 Avenue A b/t 6th & 7th St.
New York, NY 10009
(212) 473-7373

Despite being open 24 hours on Friday & Saturday, there’s only one day worth going to SideWalk for wings: Wednesday. That’s because Wednesday (6PM – 4AM) features 25 cent buffalo style wings. I haven’t tried them, but for that price, how bad can they be? Every other day of the week the wings are called “Alitas de Diablo” (seen below) and they’re not very good. Grilled wings in a honey glazed ginger sauce arrived undercooked and lacking flavor, a surprise considering the unique sauce. After another trip through the fire, the wings returned with a smokey char but the flavor remained underwhelming. SideWalks’ main draw is their ever changing menu of live music acts featured in the back room. Check their website, listen to some music, drink a $3 PBR and order the sweet potatoe fries, which are actually quite good.


The Decent

Don’t run, don’t flock, these wings are good but not great.

One and One

Food Served Until 1AM

76 E 1st St at 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10009
(212) 598-9126

These wings were so close to being great. Thin, crispy skin encased high quality chicken and the largest wings featuered in this post. But bigger wings demand more sauce, more spice and more flavor, something these lacked in all three areas. Big wings also mean smaller portions. $7 gets you 7 wings. 20 Cent Wing Madness is Monday nights from 7pm to 1AM; you can order 10 wings at a time with a $4 drink minimum for every 20 wings (no doggie bags). The wings are complemented by a quality bleu cheese dressing and a healthy serving of carrot and celery sticks.


One and One features two other quality food specials: Sundays from 7PM to 1AM is 2-for-1 Fish & Chips, which also features the $4 drink minimum. Tuesdays from 7PM to 1AM is $1 Mini Burgers. Orders are placed in multiples of 3 and it’s a $4 drink minimum for every 2 orders.



Food Served Until 11PM Mon – Thurs, 12AM Fri – Sat, 10PM Sun.

208 W 23rd St b/t 7th & 8th Ave
New York, NY 10011
(212) 524-4300

All ready home to the best brisket chili cheese fries I’ve ever had, I couldn’t imagine the wings would fall far behind. And they didn’t, but they didn’t really impress either. These are BBQ style wings; seasoned with the same rub as the ribs, smoked and then fried. For $7.50 the result is a dozen good sized, lean and quality wings which are smokey and sweet with a residual spiciness which lingers after you finish eating. They can be served with bleu cheese, which brought out the sweetness, or the better suited buttermilk ranch. Neither truly enhanced the eating experience. Next time I’m at RUB, I’m passing on the wings and sticking with my go to $40 for 2 BBQ feast.


Pete’s Tavern

Food Served Until 12AM Sun – Tues, 12:45AM Wed – Sat.

dscf7274129 East 18th Street at Irving Pl
New York, NY 10003
(212) 473-7676

Opened in 1864, Pete’s is New York’s oldest bar and it’s also the birthplace of the O. Henry story “The Gift of the Magi”, supposedly penned in a front booth. And as history changes time, time can change the deliciousness of Pete’s wings. If they’re brought to you immediately, you’re in for a sweet, smokey, mildly spicy, crispy-battered wing feast. But if the wings arrive after their prime, you’re left with a sticky mess of slighlty crispy, mainly oversauced wings. It’s a fine line, but when done right, they’re worth the $7.95 price tag. The heavily battered wings are small and drowned in the smokey, sweet, slightly spicy sauce. The bleu cheese is watery and uncesssary. The rest of the menu features Italian food and standard continental fare. If the overcooked burger is any sign, I’d steer clear of the menu and grab an 1864 Original House Ale and take my chance with the wings.


The Old Reliable

Getting it done every time without knocking your socks off.

Croxley Ales

Food Served Until 1AM

28 Avenue B nr 3rd Street
New York, NY 10009
(212) 253-6140
Check Website for 3 Long Island Locations

Croxley Ales is the place that’s right around the corner that isn’t amazing but is so consistent, it’s hard for you to break away and risk disappointment with something new. They’ve got the blocking and tackling down, thin-skinned crispy wings covered in a Buffalo-style hot sauce that’s actually hot. At $8.95 for a dozen, they’re not the best because the sauce, although studded with hot pepper flakes, is a little too buttery, not really sticking to the wings and the chicken is middle of the line in quality and size. Great deals abound, however, reinforcing why you really can’t go wrong at Croxley’s. 10 cent wings on Monday & Wednesday from 5PM to 1AM plus free wings at the bar from 5PM to 7PM on Fridays.


The Best of This Bunch

Blind Tiger Ale House

Food served until 2AM

281 Bleecker Street at Jones Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 462-4682

The best wings I’ve had in the city are at Dinosaur BBQ. Why? Because they’re tender, spicy, uniquely sauced, and grilled. Blind Tiger Ale House delivers the same four qualities without making us trek up to Harlem. The main differences between Blind Tiger and Dinosaur are size and sauce. Dinosaur’s wings are full size and doused in spicy, sweet BBQ sauce. Blind Tiger’s wings are smaller and doused in a spicy and tangy Buffalo style sauce with strong peppery undertones. What they lack in size, they make up for in fall off the bone tenderness, the result of a baked then grilled cooking process. They taste even better with the delicious homemade bleu cheese dressing. The rest of Blind Tiger’s menu is nothing to scoff at: Cheese plates from Murray’s, a monster-sized chicken quesadilla, three types of grilled cheese sandwiches, and a revolving menu of mini sandwiches featuring a Vietnames Bahn Mi and a roast pork Cuban. And did I mention cask ales and 28 varieties of high quality draught beer? What are you waiting for?


74 Responses to “NYC Best Wings Part 1: Blind Tiger Ale House Flies Ahead of the Pack”

  1. Josh Ozersky said:

    What about Tebaya? That’s my favorite wing, hands down…would love to see a nice image of Dinosaur, though, given how highly you think of it. In the traditional wings category it’s hard to beat Lure.

  2. FN said:

    NYCFG, I agree with you on Dinosaur. I come from Syracuse, home of Dinosaur BBQ, so I can vouch for the wings there, though I have not had them in the Harlem location.

  3. moe said:

    god you make me hungry

  4. nycforme said:

    TGIFRIDAYS in time square has the best wings the city has to offer.

  5. Anonymous said:

    hey foodguy

    remember theos wings in binghamton ny?

    they were twice fried, once without the sauce on, once with, and then sauced up again!

    …i heard they closed about two years ago

  6. Master said:

    Wow, good research on all those locations, Food Guy. If you’re out on Long Island sometime, take a trip to Farmingdale and check out “Wings Over”. Excellent menu of regular and boneless wings, over 20 different flavors of sauce (including five levels of spicyness), cooked fresh as soon as you order, and very reasonably priced. Ironically, it’s about 50 feet from Croxley’s that just opened, close to the Farmingdale LIRR station.

  7. Julie said:

    Looking forward to your part 2 of this, because Blondies has to be on this list somewhere. Whenever I come to town, Blondies is my wings place. Croxley’s are ok. Never had any of the others you write about.

  8. STeve said:

    Atomic wings & Blue smoke made good wings. Wings over in Farmigdale is a chain that brings them in frozen they are disgusting

  9. AG said:

    NYCFG, nice roundup. Have another place for you to try. It’s called Tebaya, a japanese spot, but they serve superb wings, a little spice, sweet, crispy, very nice. It’s near my office luckily and I wrote it up a little while back. Also, for when you eventually make it out to my hood in Brooklyn, Bonnie’s has some quality wings.

  10. Nick said:

    My brother swears by Mudville 9’s wings in Tribeca with their 2 hour wing ding special. Unlimited wings, fries and beer for $23.

  11. dinosaurcookies said:

    please do a ribs special next!

  12. Mike said:

    Underrated place is Josie Woods Pub. Good sauce, meaty, cheap deals for football Sundays. Plus you can pair them with waffle fries.

    Acme, Phebe’s, Village Pourhouse, and Murphy & Gonzalez also all good and underrated East Village wing places.

  13. 10ozBourbon said:

    Bonnies Grill in Brooklyn, game over.

  14. Niko said:

    Nice summary NYCFG!! I totally agree about Dinosaur BBQ. I see someone already wrote in with my question – Blondies on Upper West Side has always had really good wings I think they use Atomic Wings which I was curious about you opinion…. not sure if they still use Atomic there.

  15. lauren said:

    I agree with Mike – Acme has great wings. Great chicken fingers, crab cakes and other apps. too. Brunch is also good bang for your buck. Love that place.

  16. So Good Blog/News Round-Up 12/12/08 | So Good said:

    […] NYC Food Guy is in search of the city’s best wings. […]

  17. stevenp said:

    NYCFG: Sadly, I have to agree with your Landsdowne ST comments on all points. Scruffy’s were by far my favorite wings in NYC (OK, I did finally try Dinosaur and they are great too). I finally went to Landsdowne about a month ago, and was hugely disappointed. The wings there were nothing like the old Scruffy wings, alas.

    I was going to say that before someone mentions Blondies or Atomic, they both kinda suck, but too late: someone already went with those lemming responses. Blondies wings are generally undercooked/oily each time I’ve been there (3 times), and the sauce is bland, generic red pepper sauce, thin, tangy, and lacking any character. At best they are average hit-or-miss standard wings, nothing to go out of your way for. Atomic wings are always on the scrawny/overcooked side.

    I’ll have to try BTAH–sounds like we have similar taste in wings.

    Oh yeah: Been to Tebaya once because it’s in my nabe. These smallish, overpriced wings had a slightly rancid oil taste to them. I won’t be going back there, thank you.

    Thanks for the roundup and the hot tip on the Blind Tiger!!! Let me know if you need an assistant for any further wing testing (or bbq, or NYC dogs, or….)

  18. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Josh Ozersky,
    Glad to see I’m not the only one ready to debate wings at 9AM.
    I linked to my Dinosaur posts at the top of my story but maybe its time for another trip uptown to do the wings photographic justice. I had Tebaya years ago, way before the blog. I remember them being tasty but small. Consider them officially on part 2 of the list. Although I’ve had the burger at Lure, I’ve never tried the wings. They’re now on the list as well. Let me know if you’re game to meet up and indulge.

    Thats ironic because I’ve eaten at the Syracuse Dinosaur BBQ and never had the wings there.

    I do what I can. Mission accomplished.

    TGIFRIDAYS? Really? You must be pulling my leg.

    Oh, I remember Theo’s. Those were some beastly wings. The honey BBQ? Great stuff. Sad to hear they closed, wonder where that security guard from the dining hall is getting extra cash now.

    Thanks buddy. It was a fun undertaking breaking down all these spots.
    I’ve heard about wings over, what do you have to say to the commenter in this post who says Wings Over if frozen crap?

    Great to hear from you. How’s Chi-Town? I’ve been to Blondie’s many times but never really been impressed. I’m going to have to give it another shot ok. Never had any of the others you write about.

    I’ve had atomic, they’re only good at the shop. Blue Smoke will have to be added to the list. Thanks for the rec. Let’s see what Master has to say about your Wings Over comment.

    Right on brother. I read your tebaya post when it originally went up, nice work as usual. I actually reviewed Bonnie’s Grill in Park Slope for their wings a few months ago. They were good but too heavy on the hot for me. I could handle the heat but it took away from the overall taste.

    I’ve been meaning to go to Mudville for the last month, it’s tough though because you need to get 6 people together for the wing ding. Care to join?

    You don’t have to sell me on a ribs special. Stay tuned. Where should I check out for ribs?

    Great list, consider them all added. Which of those places is your #1? Josie Woods?

    Bonnie’s has already been reviewed in a previous post, maybe it’s time to get back out to the slope and give them another try. I liked them but they weren’t the best I’d had. They were pretty damn spicy, which is never an issue for me, but the heat dominated any chance at real flavor.

    Thanks man. If Blondie’s uses Atomic, its news to me. I thought they did their own thing. Either way I’m adding them to the list for round 2. Any other suggestions?

    I’ve heard great things about Acme from one of my buddies. It’s so close to my house, going to have to give it a whirl.

  19. Chris said:

    I agree that Dinosaur is great, but I think you left off THE best wings in NYC: Bon Chon Chicken. The wait at the main location (a bar in K-Town) can be unreasonably long but luckily they also have a satellite location that serves just food (Bon Bon Chicken in Tribeca). Trust me, I’ve just made your life better.

  20. pete said:

    ive got to defend landsdowne a little here. the first time i went, i ordered them “hot” as im sure you did and i was extremely dissapointed. but as i looked around, i saw other tables had wings that didnt look like mine. those people had ordered the “medium” which has a really nice flavor, and enough spice, but nothing too intense. for some reason, when you order “hot”, they take the medium wings and slather them in some other sauce, almost a tomato-chili paste to get the spice up. its weird.

    other than that, i like blondies, i love dino

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  22. Zach said:

    Check out Hanratty’s on Madison and 96th. They have some great wings.

  23. dirtwheel said:

    Blondies W79th never fails. Barfly on third ave and 20th is another gem.

  24. Andrew said:

    I started to hyperventilate when I just read that Theo’s had closed, but according to their Yelp page, they did close earlier in the year but appear to have reopened.

  25. Jack said:

    Yeah, looks like you agree with me on the Lansdowne wings, not Scruffys but still better than most of other bars wings in my opinion. Never liked Croxley wings, sauce not what im looking for. Do agree on Dinosaur. Looking fwd to the ultimate winner.

  26. Wich said:

    NYCFoodGuy: These look delicious. Mmm.

  27. Master said:

    As I refrain myself from the use of profanity, I will at least admit that it is a food-chain with a handful of locations in the north east, and they cook it as soon as you order, not that preheated crap. But STeve, I just have to laugh at your comment. Do you think Wings Over is the only place that brings in their chicken frozen from a truck? Or perhaps I should be looking for live chickens running around in the McDonalds parking lot?

  28. The NYC Food Guy said:

    I’m always game to add more food lovers to the fray. We can cover more ground that way. Shoot me an email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch. As far as Lansdowne goes, maybe I’ll go back and try them medium style as a last ditch effort to resurrect the magic of Scruffy Duffy’s. Word on the street about Scruffy’s “magic” is that it was all a credit to the man who actually made the wings there and now he’s gone. I’m going to work on tracking him down. You nailed it on the head with Blondie’s but since I’ve only had them on takeout, I need to give them another chance. You also confirmed what I thought about Tebaya: undersized. The flavor for me was salt and pepper with an Asian kick. It was long ago though and I’m willing to give ’em another shot.

    I’ve never had Bon Chon but I’ve heard similarly high praise. The one caveat was that they were expensive, over $1 per wing. Is it worth the nearly $20 for a dozen?


    That’s an apt way to describe the hot wings, pastey. If you say the medium is closer to Scruffy’s, well out of respect for a past favorite, I’m going to have to go back and give it a shot. Aside from the pastey sauce, however, my Lansdowne experience was bad because the wings themselves were brutally prepared; dried out way overfried. I did ask for them crispy though.

    Hanratty’s on Madison and 96th. I’m there, what makes the wings so great? what flavor should I get? Anything else to know?

    Blondie’s is on the list for next round and now it looks like I’m adding Barfly. What makes Barfly so good?

    Interesting news on Theo’s. Do you live in Binghamton? Go to school there? I haven’t been up there in a while so I can’t say my loss for Theo’s has been great but while I was there it was a great spot for big fried wings. Glad to hear its open again if that’s the case. Where are other great wings in Binghamton? I used to really like Relief Pitcher (variety and price) and Delgado’s Mexican on Harry L. Drive.


    Gonna have to check back with Lansdowne and see if medium sauce is the way to go. I’m pumped for the ultimate winner too. Any suggestions for next round?

    Thanks, it was definitely a fun tour. Minus Lansdowne that is. Any suggestions for next round?

  29. Jack said:

    I think the cook at scruffys was named Rafael, but not too sure. I bet the owner of Scruffys gave him cement shoes and pushed him in the East River so not to have the competition. The best wings I had reecently were at Keeleys, the owner made a special batch of pineapple glazed habanero wings for a few of us and it was awesome, though a little too hot actully. I havent had their menu wings in over a year (my job there is to drink) but I heard they have gotten better. Speaking of which, I think ill head there for drinks now, have a good weekend.

  30. Zach said:

    I like the regular spicy wings. Their texture is a little bit crunchy and the sauce is not overpowering (nor too spicy). Even the sweeter wings are tasty. Oh man, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Enjoy!

  31. wing ding said:

    Great write up but i like the Rub wings the best. There not traditional Buffalo wings but the depth of flavor is great. Keep it up…

  32. Lisa said:

    I’m going to have to agree with Chris, Bon Chon is VERY good and each time it has been worth the price. But I am not sure that Bon Chon falls into the same category at the wings you’ve mentioned. The Bon Chon drummettes are pretty big – more like drumsticks that drummettes.

    If you go, make sure you get ramen soup too. It is very hot but so very good along with the wings.

  33. kristen said:

    omgz these wingz all look yummy. i’m pregamin w/ my girlies at my place and i’m sure i will be cravin these later tonight!! but i got a sexy dress for new years and i can’t eat this month otherwise i wont fit in it lol!

    food guy, can you recommend any sushi places in the hills? (that’s murray hill obvs) my girls and i literally eat sushi like 4 days a week but i think we might be missing out

  34. Anonymous said:

    Backpage on 2nd avenue 80s

  35. Tim said:

    John Street Bar….my favorite wings downton. Try the medium or hot buffalo wings.

  36. jphoto said:

    dude! thanks for the tips.
    i always like to go to Stillwater @ 4th st. & 2nd ave. wings are decently sauced and spicy(get it at least “hot”). good portion of fresh carrots and celery. i like the authenticity of their taste. sorry, other flavors are fine, but original buffalo style is what i’m after!
    …and how can you beat 1/2 price wings on sundays and mondays???
    …nice guy eddies at houston and ave a. can throw down decent wings too.

  37. Matt said:

    I’d take a trip out to Teddy’s in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

  38. JD said:

    Perhaps the Wing-Off team can be of assistance?

  39. Birthday Wings said:

    Where should I go to celebrate a birthday?
    Happy Birthday NYC Food Guy.
    Isn’t today, Dec. 14, your birthday?

  40. Before Sunrise said:

    Great job Food Guy. I like what you’re doing here!

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  42. TG said:

    Most of the people commenting do not know anything about wings. Whoever is saying Blondies is clueless. They are the same as Phoebes, and Atomic, and Croxley’s and just fall in line with the run of the mill sports bar, slopfest wings. For the best wings, with some badass kick and flavor, head to Copperfields. End of contest!

  43. NS said:

    after reading you post this weekend i figured i had to go try the wings at BTH. The wings were pretty damn goood, i only have one complaint i like my HOT WINGS crispy. I liked that they were baked and grilled but there is just something about a buffalo wing that screams crispiness. You should try Caliente Cabs wings, i used to work there a couple years back and it was by far my fav thing on the menu. As a matter of fact its right across the street from BTH, i worked at the one on 33rd and 3rd so i can only vouch for those but maybe the ones on 7th ave are just as good… try Caliente Cab

  44. DMax said:

    Monday night special at brother jimmys, all you can eat wings and mini ribs + all you can drink pitchers of cheap beer for about $15/person

    also there’s someplace on 10th in the 40’s that looks interesting with .25 wings during football I’ve been meaning to try.

  45. TG said:

    This supposed to be a piece aimed at finding the BEST wings in NYC. Brother Jimmy’s, The Back Page, and different “wing specials”, as well as the aforementioned in my previous post, are not even in the discussion to be honest. These wings are not in the premier category. We are talking the BEST buffalo wings(hot, flavor, texture, etc.), not mudville 9, or jack russels, or TGI Friday’s. There are a few recomendations on here that I will check out, but I still stand by Copperfields as #1.

  46. the wing quest continues… « chrissy, candidly said:

    […] And I can’t forget to thank my friend Tsam for sending me a write up on the best hot wings in NYC.  I read it, studied it, and can’t wait to go to the Blind Tiger Ale House next week when we’re in NY.  Thank you Tsam!!   To read the review yourself:  NYC Best Wings Review by nycfoodguy […]

  47. Phil said:

    wow food guy, seems like the site is really picking up, congratulations!! Awesome work on the wing tour. I can’t imagine TGIFridays has legitimate wings…. I went to croxley ale house on a saturday a few months ago for college football and they had 10c wings. Wings actually weren’t that great but how can you complain about 10c wings?

  48. LocalApple said:

    I have been to Croxleys for .10 wing nights and I thought the wings were good. Not the best I ever had but a little better then average.

  49. wingdinger said:

    the BEST wings in NYC: Thurs only b/w 12:30-2:30 at 125 Broad Street – 26th floor. VIP only!

  50. WiNGMaN said:

    the best wings with out a nyc !

  51. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Keeley’s on the UWS really does have great wings. They have a great burger too. Check out the burger here


    Right on man, I’ll be checking out Hanratty’s soon.

    wing ding,
    RUB wings are very good but very different. I won’t leave out any wing that is a good place’s premiere wing though. If RUB had Buffalo style wings, I’d have gone with those.

    Unfortunately I can’t really recommend any sushi places in the Hill, sushi is a meal NYC Food Guy doesn’t know much about. I’m not big into the raw fish, shrimp tempura and california roll for me. Maybe the occasional spicy tuna roll if the place looks clean.

    Backpage does have quality wings but I haven’t been there in years.

    John Street bar, nice, well noted. Any other good spots in FiDi?


    Another Bon Chon rec, sounds good. I’ll make sure to check it out. Which sauce should I get?


    Funny, I once went into Nice Guy Eddies and it smelled so bad in there, there’s no way I could have eaten any food in there. Good burger too?


    Teddy’s is the first Brooklyn suggestions I’ve gotten other than Bonnies. What’s the story with Teddy’s? where is it?

    Birthday Wings,

    Thanks, Dec. 14 was my birthday. Not sure where to point you for your birthday. You should always eat what YOU like, its your day.

    I agree with you about Blondies, it has never impressed me. Haven’t eaten at Phoebes. But definitely agree about Atomic, their wings are not great. Only gets play since its a chain. Croxleys is one of the only chain-like spots in the East Village, they’re also not great but reliably decent. Will definitely check out Copperfields, any special suggestions?

    Caliente has regular style Buffalo wings? Wouldn’t of guessed that. I too like my wings crispy but when I’ve been asking for them like that recently they’ve come dried out and with very little chicken inside. I was surprised that I liked Blind Tiger as much as I did, but the grilled flavor and the fall off the bone meat, coupled with the great sauce and bleu cheese were just too good to not love.

    As much as I don’t want to, I’m going to have to check out brother jimmy’s, it’s only fair. Let us know if you figure out the spot on 10th in the 40s. You may mean Lansdowne Tavern, its on 45th and 10th. It was reviewed in this post.


    With all due respect, you can’t put Back Page and Mudville 9 in the same category as TGI Fridays. NYC Food Guy is definitely all about deals but I’m about food first. If Mudville and Back Page happen to have great wings then so be it, they’ll get love regardless of the deal. What puts Copperfields in the premier category?

    Thanks for the kind words dude. Croxleys gets it done but doesn’t impress, naturally you had the same idea that I did. Great minds think alike.


    Well said, Croxleys isnt the best but its better than average.


    That’s a shady invite there. What’s this all about?

    Which flavor at PluckU is best?

  52. TG said:

    I agree, I do not like spending 9 dollars for 10 wings, so value plays a part in wing appreciation, but that goes out the window when we are talking about the Best Buffalo wings.

    How often have you gone into so many of the above listed establishments for buffalo wings and have been let down by goopy, mild flavored, left over and recooked, bony wings. When you want hot, you should get at least hot, with flavor and freshness as a bonus.

    In the interest of brevity, Copperfields hot buffalo wings, in linear succession, burst onto your tongue with juice, flavor, and knock you on your ass with heat. Without fail, you will be at war with your desire to take the next bite and your need to take a moment to savor the taste and give your mouth a moment to collect itself.

  53. kingofthewing said:

    best wings in the hood is wharf, 39th and 3rd. gotta make that a stop on the tour de franks.

  54. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Great description of the Copperfields wings. I was going already but that sealed it.

    I hear what you’re saying as far as the “best buffalo wings arguments.” You’re essentially arguing against the so-called “wing factories”, places that are coasting on their laurels and as a result serving large wing quanitities that hinder quality.

    Duly noted. Consider it added. What makes the wharf so good? how about your favorite burgers?

  55. wingy mcwingerson said:

    this is the most legit wings review i’ve seen in while. well done senor food guy!

  56. Phil said:

    had some wings over at bravest (38th and 2nd ave) last night. No good. They do have $1 bud ice drafts on weekends though 🙂

  57. StevenP said:

    Are there ANY really good wings in the Flatiron/Union Square area? (Maybe lower Chelsea?) And no, Tebaya ain’t it. Dewey’s Flatiron wings were pedestrian. I don’t even know where to look. Is it RUB by default, then? I recall Old Town Bar has wings, but never heard anything about them.

  58. StevenP said:

    P.S. NYCFG: I pinged you back about future wing tours and haven’t received a response. Not being impatient; just afraid you might be diverted by my spam filter, so I keep checking my whole spam folder before deleting!

  59. how about updating said:

    the damn site food guy? where the hell hav eu been? NYC NEEDS TO EAT!!

  60. Brooklyn’s Best Pizza Part 1: I’ll Take Lucali over Grimaldi’s & franny’s « NYC Food Guy said:

    […] NYC Food Guy NYC’s Most Delicious & Affordable Food « NYC Best Wings Part 1: Blind Tiger Ale House Flies Ahead of the Pack […]

  61. Pamela said:

    Try out Down The Hatch

  62. Foozebox said:

    Try Nancy Whiskey on Lispenard St. More of the crispy BBQ variety but they are damn good, consistent, and the price is right (20 nice sized wings for $8)

  63. NYC Cheese Steaks: Wogie’s Doesn’t Take the Crown, But There’s Many Reasons to Return « NYC Food Guy said:

    […] Kate’s Krazy Buffalo Wings – I’ll admit, we tried a small order but I’m waiting until a return visit to review them on my quest to find NYC’s Best Buffalo Wings […]

  64. NYC Wings: A 2nd Try of Lansdowne Road Proves Scruffy Duffy’s Wings Are Really Gone « NYC Food Guy said:

    […] Duffy’s Buffalo Wings at widowed sister bar Lansdowne Road has failed.  On my initial visit, I ordered the wings hot and was disappointed by the crusty sauce and dried out wings.  On my second visit, I ordered the wings medium but the result is what you see below: […]

  65. NYC Best Wings, Harlem Edition: Just Wingin It’s “Super Nova” Sauce Burns Brightest « NYC Food Guy said:

    […] Just Wingin It’s “Super Nova” Sauce Burns Brightest By The NYC Food Guy The quest for NYC’s best wings continues! For this post I joined Eating In Translation’s Dave Cook in Harlem where we […]

  66. The Dude said:

    Blondies – upper east side. Hands down the best in NYC. By a mile. Large wings, crispy skin, tender meat, perfect buffalo sauce at whatever temperature you can handle that sticks to the wings. It’s a 50 minute commute for me to get there from BK but I go over and over cause it’s worth the trip.

    Your search is over.

    P.S. – What’s all this stuff about sauce being good when it’s filled with red pepper flakes? What? Why?

  67. Andy said:

    if you try Bon Chon, get the soy garlic sauce. Although it’s not in the mold of the traditional hot wing, they’re fantastic. Plus, if you’re not a fan of hot wings that are so hot they mask the flavor of the chicken, I wouldn’t even consider the ‘hot’ wings here. Soy garlic is how they made a name for themselves.

  68. Super Wings NY said:

    You gotta try Super Wings. We are the ultimate in Unique Caribbean Flavors showcased on fresh (never frozen) premium wings fried crispy and sauteed in chosen fiery or mild yet full-bodied flavors such as Bajan Merry Mango, Pineapple Jerk. Spice Island Rubbed, early fave Ginger Buff is traditional Buffalo flavor spiced up by a hint of ginger…scrumptious, the spicy Trini Tamarind melds just enough tartness with just enough Habenero heat to make your tastebuds dance a limbo!!!.
    Check out the website and visit the store for a free sample anytime. 1218 Union St, Crown Heights Brooklyn. 7184678737

  69. Lansdowne Road (Scruffy Duffy’s) « Wings and the City said:

    […] Guy’s blog where he lays out his ‘subjective’ opinions on some wing places around the city (link) and since he has his taste buds on the pulse of NYC cuisine, I defer to his soapbox […]

  70. bbqmackster said:

    Bling tiger wing action is pretty solid, work around the corner, and love it with awesome beer variety, though I didn’t find much “buffalo” action, more like a less smokey but spicy bbq sauce. Blue cheese, while not chunky, which I do love, is fluid without being watery and had a authentic flavor. Spice factor was med plus. some people love the tenderness, but not to the point where all the meat pulls off in one bite from the wing sections, which was mostly the case in my batch. Solid B+/A- here folks

  71. The NYC Food Guy said:

    You’re right, it’s not your traditional buffalo sauce but its more buffalo than BBQ, at least every time I’ve had it. The Bleu cheese is definitely more gourmet than most standard bar fare but not a condiment I really enjoy. And the pull off the bone is pretty much the standard there. I’m content with the B+/A- grade because in the end, how many other places fall into that category? Not many for me. Have you tried Waterfront Ale House? Those are good wings. Not buffalo but definitely spicy and meaty.

  72. BPUB said:

    OK, so I’ve read through the review and all the responses. I’ll have to try the Blind Tiger wings. I did disagree with many of the comments. I love both Atomic Wings and Blondies Wings (which did used to be Atomic until they bought rights to the recipes and went on their own), disagreeing with may of the comments (although I do always order them extra crispy, extra wet). I miss Blondies on the UES…it ws my regular place for wings. Sigh. However, I did decide to try the Copperfields wings based on TG’s response and must admit they were very good. I ordered them hot, and they were very tasty and did have some heat. I also ordered the Nuclear just to try them, and they were surprisingly hot. Both were very good, and I would recommend them. My only complaint is the price for the number of wings you get. Not a great value, but certainly really good wings. Good tip TG! Thanks!

  73. pblowery said:

    Just have to say – the best wings — the original wings come from Anchor Bar and Grill, Main Street Buffalo. Everyone else are just copies. I have been so spoiled. And the point also is that it isn’t just the wings, which are phenomenal, but it is also about the ambiance. Next time in Buffalo give me a shout and I will introduce you to the real McCoy!

  74. NYC Wings: International Wings Factory on the Upper East Side, An Unlikely Location for the Best Sauces in NYC | NYC Food Guy said:

    […] wife. I told her about my food blog and my passion for wings (check out a prior wing tour here) and the next thing I knew, Chef Ballaney brought us a tray with ALL of their thirteen sauces and […]

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