NYC East Village Late Night Pizza: Muzzarella Consistently Gets it Done on Avenue A & 14th Street (And Is a Great Alternative to Waiting on line at Artichoke)

Date November 6, 2013

This is by no means the best pizza in New York City. It’s not even the best pizza in the East Village. What is it, however, is the best late night pizza on the Northern half of the East Village, if not for their variety of slices – they typically have between 5-10 pies with different toppings plus other pizzas with airy, crispy focaccia style crust – then for their consistency and willingness to stay open until the far recesses of the evening, until the last slice is sold, even on weeknights.  It’s always busy on weekend nights and despite being as small as Artichoke, never has a long line.  Artichoke’s up there with Crif Dogs as some of the East Village’s finest late night gluttony, but do you really need either one of those? No. What you need is something more stable, like pizza, which won’t make you regret being alive on a Sunday morning. And what you need is a good old classic New York City slice that costs more than $1 because its made with halfway decent ingredients instead of the test tube cheese in the Kraft singles commercials (I’m looking at you Two Bros). Go to Muzzarella, tip the unfriendly Mexican guys behind the counter, and order a Sicilian slice or two. Just leave a corner slice for me.

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Muzzarella Pizza 221 Avenue A  New York, NY 10009 (212) 614-0905

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