Best Bite of the Week: Apple Turnover with Bacon Vanilla Ice Cream at Village Tart

Date April 9, 2010

This new weekly feature will focus on NYC Food Guy’s single best bite of the week. Tell everyone what your best bite of the week was in the comments section.

Village Tart's apple turnover with bacon vanilla ice cream -

Thank you Pichet Ong.  Thank you for being willing to take risks when it comes to dessert.  And thank you for constantly reinventing sweet tooth satisfaction.  Your apple turnover with bacon vanilla ice cream at Village Tart offers so many varieties of awesome.  My spoon dissects the flaky, buttery pastry shell revealing fresh slices of crunchy apple coated in just enough gooey cinnamon.    Invisible salt crystals coat the surface of the pastry, surging to the front of my palate before the vanilla ice cream’s sweetness seizes control.  But an uprising of smokey top notes is surfacing, a prelude to the return of salt complements of crispy bits of bacon.  Every bite is a surprise, flavors seamlessly intersecting, gliding past each other closely without colliding.

2 Responses to “Best Bite of the Week: Apple Turnover with Bacon Vanilla Ice Cream at Village Tart”

  1. bbqmackster said:

    Well, on this picture’s worthiness, I went down to VT for a late lunch, we started with a tasty beet salad, served over a tangy yogurt, topped with candied pistacio and grapefruit segments. Very well executed. I had the curried chicken salad, which was good, it had a curry/mustard thing going on, served on a soft, but slightly overwhelming big bun, it had the right texture just too big. It came with a perfectly dressed argula salad. My two companions each had the Tom/Mozz/Basil on baguette, it looked great and well paired for the baguette, which I noticed was buttered, So expcept for off colored ( not in season) tomatoes they were both happy. Now here’s where things got weird, I asked our waiter about THIS dessert, I mentioned BACON at least twice in speaking about, he said it was normally only available at dinner, but he could get one for us, so were super excited, and then it arrived with no bacon, and the waiter just said, well, things are always changing… which would have been find except for my continuous mentioning of Bacon several times, her really could have found that out before hand! So we ate it anyways, it was very good, warm, flaky and the bit of sour cream was superb as a match, the ice cream, I guess was sort of rum raisin, was fine but didn’t really lend anything like the sour cream did. With coffees, this meal was 70 bucks before tip, so not a typical lunch out by any means, ouch! That could be full dinner at many places..

  2. Darwin G. said:

    Sloppy Bao at Baoguette.

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