I’M GOING TO BE ON TV TONIGHT! WLNY Ch 55 around 9:45PM talking ‪‎crazy‬ ‪‎baseball‬ stadium food that I made from scratch!

Date April 2, 2016

I’M GOING TO BE ON TV TONIGHT! WLNY Ch 55 / Ch 10 around 9:45PM with Steve Overmyer talking ‪‎crazy‬ ‪‎baseball‬ stadium food like the homemade peanut butter & pretzel-coated ‪‎bacon the Mets will serve at Citi Field‬ and a bacon cheeseburger with pepperoni pizzas as buns like the Braves will serve. There will be more crazy homemade creations on the air tonight! Hopefully the fact that this is for TV and not personal consumption will absolve me from the wrath I’m bringing upon myself from the food gods for creating such monstrosities. Probably not. Oh well.




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