NYC Best Pizza: Some of NYC Food Guy’s Favorite Pies & Slices in NYC featured on

Date December 2, 2013

Pizza is a pretty touchy subject in NYC so I’m sure there are some places on my list that you won’t agree with.  That’s okay. I welcome your suggestions, that’s how I’ve discovered some of my favorite places.  And besides, pizza is a personal thing, especially to New Yorkers, so this list is what I consider some of my favorite pies and slices in NYC. Click on “See the collection” for my pizza picks and please tell me yours in the comments.

Wondering how I put the collection together in that neat little package above? It’s all, a pretty sweet new site that is like Pinterest but for food. It’s got a ton of recipes (and food porn to go with them) and now they’re starting to pick up the pace on the restaurant side and their collection feature is a great way to keep your food thoughts organized. Create a collection of your favorites or create an eating to do list, whatever you do, head over to and start playing around and telling me where I need to go eat next!

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