Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s a Great Day to Wrap Something in Bacon

Date November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving fellow food lovers. In celebration of a holiday that celebrates gluttony, I give you the great bacon wrapped turkducken, also known as the “Turbaconducken.” That means a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey ALL WRAPPED IN BACON. I mean why not right? The turbaconducken makes me happy, so happy I decided to bring it back from the archives (shout out to King of Ketchup for the link). The recipe and photos are not mine but I feel like the excitement is for all of us to share. Because after all, that’s what this website is all about, getting excited to eat! So on this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful I can go out and eat anything I want (or at least until my doctor says otherwise) and share it with all of you. What are you thankful for and what are you doing for your Thanksgiving feast?




One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s a Great Day to Wrap Something in Bacon”

  1. Two Forks and a Corkscrew said:

    We made a bacon-wrapped turkey for thanksgiving too! Yours looks absolutely scrumptious. Ours was called the Frankenturkey. We made frankenturkey for our annual post-thanksgiving dinner party, Pavopalooza. Check it out: http://goo.gl/QKIMaV. Cheers!

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