NYC Best Dessert Under $10: NYC Food Guy’s Top Picks Featured on

Date November 27, 2013

Looking for some last minute Thanksgiving dessert to bring home to the family?  This list will definitely help without hurting your wallet!  Click on “See the collection” above for some of my favorites. And since I’m sure there are more that I didn’t list, let me know what I missed in the comments.

Wondering how I put the collection together in that neat little package above? It’s all, a pretty sweet new site that is like Pinterest but for food. It’s got a ton of recipes (and food porn to go with them) and now they’re starting to pick up the pace on the restaurant side and their collection feature is a great way to keep your food thoughts organized. Create a collection of your favorites or create an eating to do list, whatever you do, head over to and start playing around and telling me where I need to go eat next!

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The NYC Food Guy’s Restaurant Collections on

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