NYC Best Sandwiches: Sub in Grilled Chicken & Russian Dressing for Roast Beef & A1 Steak Sauce in “RB King” Sandwich at Toastie’s or G3 Sandwich at Lenny’s

Date November 18, 2013

Sometimes great sandwiches are right in front of you if you use your imagination.  Lenny’s and Toasties are two sandwich shops with multiple locations in Manhattan and near identical menus (I think some guys left Lenny’s and opened Toastie’s, taking the menu with them and renaming most items).  But despite their vast sandwich offerings, you might still want something neither place has on the menu.   In my case, a grilled chicken BLT sandwich with melted American cheese, pickles and Russian Dressing. The best way to achieve this sandwich is to ask Toastie’s and Lenny’s to take their “RB King” and “G3” sandwiches, respectively, and swap out the roast beef and A1 sauce for grilled chicken and Russian dressing.  As I’ve stated in the past, the roast beef versions are quite delicious as well, but sometimes you just want to lighten up your bacon, melted cheese, Russian dressing sandwich and that’s where this sandwich hack comes in.

Hopefully this inspires you to push the limits at some of your favorite places.  If you have an idea that you think may make a standard menu item better, ask the restaurant to make the change for you. Maybe they’ll like it so much, they’ll add it to the menu!

If you’ve personally created any new dishes at your favorite restaurants, let us know in the comments!

Toastie’s Website

Lenny’s Website

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