NYC Best Pizza: Cafe Duke’s Spicy Chicken Pizza May Be My Favorite Lunch in Midtown West & I’m Not Ashamed to Admit it

Date November 14, 2013

Hey, good food is good food. Doesn’t matter where it’s from, even if it’s Cafe Duke, the pinnacle of NYC we-have-it-all “gourmet” food shops. You know the kind of place I mean, they have pizza, sushi, sandwiches, soup, udon noodles, salads, a hot food bar, and snacks and candy bars from all over the world. I don’t care about the rest of that stuff at Cafe Duke though, just the brick oven pizza. The “Spicy Chicken” is topped with grilled chicken tossed in Sriracha, mozzarella, feta, red onion, and scallions post-oven. Ask for it well done, give it a few minutes to settle and then enjoy the spicy, salty, tangy, smokey, and sweet flavors complemented by the crunch of the red onions and charred crust. I’m usually a pizza purist, eating it only at places that specialize in pizza, but this is one non-traditional pizza I will always consider when I’m looking for lunch in Midtown West.

Cafe Duke – 140 West 51st St b/t 6th & 7th Ave – 212.445.0010

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