NYC Fried Chicken: Blue Ribbon’s New East Village Fried Chicken Restaurant is Open Until 2am Every Night

Date September 17, 2013

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Sure it’s crispy, juicy and a little spicy. And so what if it’s unique breading involves matzoh meal. And really, it’s great and all that their fries are thin and freshly fried, their potato wedges can be loaded with bacon and cheese, their onion strings are some of the best I’ve had, and they have ice cream custom made for them in flavors like Banana Salted Caramel and “Spiked Bourbon Street” (chocolate, hazelnut and Bourbon).

But what really matters is that they’re open until 2am every night.  In the East Village.   And in the city that never sleeps, that’s big.

Priorities people. You may not realize you need fried chicken at 1:30am on a Monday, that is, until you do.  And therein lies the beauty of New York City. Any time, any craving, it can happen.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

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9 Responses to “NYC Fried Chicken: Blue Ribbon’s New East Village Fried Chicken Restaurant is Open Until 2am Every Night”

  1. Anny said:

    Their breasts have the right amount of crisp, moist, mild seasoning and still tasty. Not crazy about the onion strips, too much breading and not enough onion. Arugula salad is pretty good.

  2. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Thanks for the comment. I hear you on the onion strings, call me a glutton, but I thought they were a nice change of pace from the usual take a bite, pull the whole onion out rings. Definitely could have used some greens in my meal to lighten things up but when you’re eating at Blue Ribbon after midnight, you’re there for health reasons!

    What are some of your other top fried chickens in NYC? Have you been to Redhead? If so, thoughts?

  3. stevenp said:

    Charles’ Pan-Fried is always worth the trek up to Harlem. And their AYCE is pretty cheap; lets you try out the various sides (greens, rice/beans, mac/cheese) and other meats (meatloaf, sometimes ribs, smothered chicken and turkey wings, etc.) I’ll have to try Blue Ribbon — much closer!

    @Anny: you lost me at “arugula salad”!

  4. stevenp said:

    [quick update] Saw the BR prices and several so-so reviews. Looks like Charles’ is worth the trek for me! It’s also walking distance to Yankee Stadium, for the very few games left this year….

  5. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Ha, well said in regard to salad not being much of a factor, but now that my palate has matured a bit, I can appreciate a bit of green every now and again (and so can my arteries). My only beef with Charles is that if you don’ get there when he’s there or when the chicken is not 5-10 minutes out of the fryer-fresh, then you’re in for a pretty mediocre experience. Fried chicken is not nearly as good in that in between fresh and ice cold state. And Charles’ sides are really nothing to write home about when all is said and done. Not going to trek all the way up there if I’m not guaranteed a fresh batch or Charles himself. Blue Ribbon is not the replacement but between The Cardinal, Bob White and The Redhead in the East Village, I’m all set on fried chicken options. You been to any of those three? If not, it’s time.

  6. stevenp said:

    Yo Lawrence, haven’t been to any but I’ll heck those out! Guess I’ve been lucky at Charles’; been there 3 times, got fresh chicken all 3 times. (Last time, pre-Yankee game, I wanted just 1 last thigh but he insisted non adding 3 pieces to my plate. My stomach hurt and I barely waddled to the stadium!) The sides aren’t great,agreed, but tasty and even more filling. And the smothered stuff is good too, for a piece or 2.

    Glad to see you’re back with a ton of new posts!!!!

  7. The NYC Food Guy said:

    you have been lucky! Just seeing Charles himself cooking back there is a good sign, but having him literally add to your plate? that’s the full experience! Thanks for the support man. Keep me updated on your food adventures.

  8. RLB said:

    Why is Blue Ribbon SO expensive and yet unable to sell an organic or free-range chicken?
    Their frying approach is good but paying$26 for Key Food factory farm meat is yucky.

    I think SideCar maybe organic. Any other recs?

  9. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Could not agree more about high prices but I just credited that to real estate and NYC. Are you 100% sure it’s not organic or free range? I mean I highly doubt they’re using factory Key food chicken, they do have serious restaurant pedigree. When you mention SideCar are you talking about the PJ Clarkes place or the place in South Park Slope?

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