NYC BBQ: Mighty Quinn’s, the first real East Village BBQ restaurant, is a Welcome Addition

Date September 9, 2013

mighty quinns

It all started at Smorgasburg, the weekends only Brooklyn-based food festival that was spawned by the popularity of the food vendors at Brooklyn Flea. People lined up for 20-30 minutes at a time to get a taste of Mighty Quinn’s famous brisket and rightly so, it’s fatty, smoky, perfectly pink inside, and has a just-crisp-enough bark outside. It’s everything you want from brisket. The popularity of their Smorgasburg stand led to the opening of an actual restaurant on the corner of 6th street and 2nd Avenue. And with that came a new expanded menu featuring solid pulled pork and ribs as well (the ribs are more flavorful than the pork). I’m typically a purist when it comes to BBQ, which means I generally have low expectations for the sides, salads and pickles. But while the meats were all fresh and fatty – which is what you want from BBQ – the acidity and sweetness of the various sides (burnt end baked beans and sweet potato casserole), salads (coleslaw) and pickles (red onion, cucumber and pickle chiles) complemented the meats so well, they made the entire meal more complete. Mighty Quinn’s is still rocking and rolling at Smorgasburg as well (through November), so you can head out there too for a taste of their ‘cue. If you want to see some video food porn of Mighty Quinn’s brisket, check out my Smorgasburg video for two quick but sinful shots around eleven seconds in.

Mighty Quinn’s Website

Smorgasburg Website

The photos above are from @nycfoodguy Instagram, follow me there for even MORE food porn!

7 Responses to “NYC BBQ: Mighty Quinn’s, the first real East Village BBQ restaurant, is a Welcome Addition”

  1. Christine said:

    Yummmm! So happy to see a BBQ place in the EV. I’ll definitely be checking this place out soon!

  2. Phil said:

    OH EM GEE! had no idea this was there! i’m a glutton for good bbq so I can’t wait to try this out. Do they have wings there??

  3. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Smart move my friend. Make it happen. What have been your most memorable NYC BBQ meals?

  4. The NYC Food Guy said:

    They do have wings. They didn’t when I went a few months ago but they were in the process of adding them. If you get there first and try them, let me know if they’re worth returning for.

  5. Christine said:

    @The NYC Food Guy

    Definitely Fette Sau in Williamsburg. Their ribs are to DIE for!

  6. Chris said:

    I tried Mighty Quinn’s in April at “Smorgasburg”. I ordered the beef brisket. The way they make their sandwiches was top of the line, with smokey barbecue goodness. It had the right amount of sauce, and the perfect portion of meat. The wait was well worth it and I can’t wait to visit their restaurant.

  7. The NYC Food Guy said:

    I need to get back there! Its been years. That was the first place I ever ate a piece of fatty pork belly and loved it. Truly life-changing. Have you ever had their pastrami?

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