Best Wings: Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint outside Nashville joins Dinosaur Bar-B-Que as NYCFoodGuy’s Best Wings EVER

Date September 1, 2013

via @nycfoodguy Instagram

In order to experience these wings in their full greatness, make sure to get them tossed first in BBQ sauce and then in Alabama white sauce.  Hands down best wings I’ve had that aren’t the Wango Tango at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Special thanks to Lil NYC Food Guy for the photo.

Martin’s BBQ Joint Website

4 Responses to “Best Wings: Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint outside Nashville joins Dinosaur Bar-B-Que as NYCFoodGuy’s Best Wings EVER”

  1. Phil said:

    NYC Food Guy is back ladies and gentlemen!!!!! Where have ya been? Clearly working on big things as the youtube video of you in brooklyn would indicated (awesome btw). Super happy to talk about wings. Agree with you 100% on Dino being best in NYC, have you been to the one in Park Slope? Dino wings are grilled correct? What are some of your other favorite wing spots in NYC, Food Guy?

  2. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Great to hear from you man! Been working my butt of as a field producer for ABC TV’s The Chew for the last two seasons and working on ramping up some more @nycfoodguy videos as well for some spots on NYC TV (Time Warner Channel 25).

    As for wings talk, I just went to the one in Park Slope last weekend and they were awesome as always. Other favorite wing spots in NYC:
    – Blind Tiger Ale House
    – Great Jones Cafe
    – Lansdowne Road (standard Buffalo)
    – I really want to try this new spot in Tribeca called Distilled, wings look amazing, guy used to work at Momofuku
    – Kyochon super spicy Korean wings are legit
    – ChongQuing Szechuan wings at Mission Chinese

    How about you? What are some of your top choices?

  3. stevenp said:

    Yo Lawrence, good to see you’re back doin’ the blog! And checking out wings!! Remember we did that bit of a wing quest in the village, a *long* time ago now, I guess. I’ll have to check out Distilled too. Still like the 1849 wings, even if they’re 55 cents now. And M-Thai on 8th Ave around 22nd St has killer Mountain Fire wings (sweet, sticky, tangy). I’m still in mourning for Scruffy Duffy’s wings, which were clearly the best in NYC. The Dinosaur wings in BK are still good.

  4. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Hey man! Thanks for the comments and for saying hello. Of course I remember our wing adventure! Sadly we didn’t come away with anything too noteworthy. Maybe its time for another tour? M-Thai sounds great. Never even heard of those! Distilled is only worth going to for the wings but they’re expensive and not as life-changing as I had hoped so be warned. You may be better off just going to whatever Mad For Chicken became, similar style. I miss Scruffy’s too, Lansdowne was pretty solid last time I went (sister bar/replacement bar). Dinosaur Wings are still my number one in NYC. But the Martin’s ones I wrote about here in Tennessee are just ridiculous.

    Whats on your wing to do list?

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