NYC East Village Breakfast Sandwich: Egg, Cheese & Potato Pancake on Challah Bread; A NYC Food Guy creation at B & H Vegetarian

Date October 21, 2011

B & H Vegetarian Challah, Egg, Cheese, and Potato Pancake

B & H Vegetarian Potato Pancakes

Bacon, egg and cheese; the old reliable of breakfast sandwiches. It’s always good but rarely exciting. You wouldn’t think removing the bacon from the triumvirate would change that but when you’re replacing it with a fried potato pancake and swapping out the standard Kaiser roll for fresh-baked challah, breakfast starts to look a little brighter. I created this sandwich at B & H Vegetarian, a coffee shop that’s an East Village relic, narrow with a long counter, a few spare tables and quick, friendly service. Order a challah, egg and cheese sandwich ($3.25) – bread is toasted upon request – and an order of potato pancakes ($6 for three). Open the sandwich, place the potato pancake inside, close, and eat. The potato pancakes – light, crisp and served with sour cream – are better than Veselka’s. Invite some friends along so they don’t go to waste.

B & H Vegetarian 127 2nd Avenue b/t 7th Street and St. Mark’s Place NY, NY 10003 Open 7am-11pm Daily 212-505-8065