NYC East Village Breakfast Sandwich: Egg, Cheese & Potato Pancake on Challah Bread; A NYC Food Guy creation at B & H Vegetarian

Date October 21, 2011

B & H Vegetarian Challah, Egg, Cheese, and Potato Pancake

B & H Vegetarian Potato Pancakes

Bacon, egg and cheese; the old reliable of breakfast sandwiches. It’s always good but rarely exciting. You wouldn’t think removing the bacon from the triumvirate would change that but when you’re replacing it with a fried potato pancake and swapping out the standard Kaiser roll for fresh-baked challah, breakfast starts to look a little brighter. I created this sandwich at B & H Vegetarian, a coffee shop that’s an East Village relic, narrow with a long counter, a few spare tables and quick, friendly service. Order a challah, egg and cheese sandwich ($3.25) – bread is toasted upon request – and an order of potato pancakes ($6 for three). Open the sandwich, place the potato pancake inside, close, and eat. The potato pancakes – light, crisp and served with sour cream – are better than Veselka’s. Invite some friends along so they don’t go to waste.

B & H Vegetarian 127 2nd Avenue b/t 7th Street and St. Mark’s Place NY, NY 10003 Open 7am-11pm Daily 212-505-8065

8 Responses to “NYC East Village Breakfast Sandwich: Egg, Cheese & Potato Pancake on Challah Bread; A NYC Food Guy creation at B & H Vegetarian”

  1. Sal said:

    less than remarkable meal/review here food guy. $9 for an egg sandiwch is a heap of money.

    where are the best potato pancakes in town?

  2. The NYC Food Guy said:

    You’re right about $9 being a lot for an egg sandwich, but its the potato pancakes ($6) that up the cost. Since you get three, it’s worth going here for this sandwich with a friend or two. Take away the potato pancakes and you’re still left with an awesome egg and cheese on challah for $3.50 that I’d take over most bodega bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. As far as best potato pancake in the city, that’s a great question. The only ones I’ve had are at Sarge’s Deli (covered in brisket and gravy as part of the “Sarge’s Special”), Veselka, where the fried potato pierogies are much better, and now B & H. I hear the potato pancakes at Stage Restaurant, across the street from B & H, are supposed to be very good. Do you have any to add to that list?

  3. Jordan said:

    Would have walked right by it if it wasn’t for the NYC Food Guy. Truly was a delicious meal accompanied by a cup of Mud from across the street. Thanks NYC Food Guy!

  4. rosemary said:

    looks really tasty! will have to check it out when in the city next time!

  5. Melissa said:

    I had this delicious sandwich today minus the potato pancake and it was still great! The chalah bread really makes the whole sandwich. I suggest trying it yourself!

  6. Adam Smitty said:

    Quick poll: what do you dip your potato pancakes in? Applesauce or Sour Cream (or both)?

    Personally, I never understood the sour cream thing. Applesauce is the true compliment yet it’s not universally served on the side like sour cream. Big mistake in my opinion. Harry’s Bagelmania in Las Vegas knows what’s up but I am so far behind in jewish foods exploration in NYC. Being a Long Islander it’s hard to choose what you’ll want next time in NYC because I’m always hungry for falafel. Long Island is a curse!


  7. Bryan said:

    Just tried this. It’s delicious. And quick too — took it to go, they had it ready in under 3 minutes. Adding to my list of go-to quick breakfast spots in EV. Thanks!

  8. Stanley said:

    Been coming here for over 25 years for the best homefries in the entire modern world. Great people behind the counter who always make you happy you came.

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