Best Bite of the Week: Tartufata Pizza at Gnocco, the Best Pie No One Talks About

Date May 7, 2010

Gnocco's Tartufata Pizza -

For the last year or so, the New York City pizza conversation hasn’t strayed far from the same few places, justly showering praise on pizzerias like Motorino, Co, and Veloce.  What eaters have missed, however, is that Gnocco has been serving consistently delicious pies for at least 10 years.  Take the Tartufata pizza ($18.95), my personal favorite at Gnocco and arguably one of the top pies in the East Village.  It satisfies all the requirements of the aforementioned pies, i.e., plate-sized, thin with blistered edges and high quality ingredients.  But the Tartufata’s flavor goes above and beyond.  Its base is a mixture of heavy cream, pungent black truffle sauce and grated low moisture mozzarella.  Shreds of speck, a smokey prosciutto, crisp to perfection in the oven alongside caramelizing slices of delicate mushroom.  A drizzle of truffle oil after cooking seals in the salty, earthy flavor which combines with the charred and blistered cornicione (end crust) to provide your taste buds with a decadent experience balanced only by the light, thin crust.  And when eaten in Gnocco’s airy, rustic back garden, it’s easy to forget about all those other pizzas.

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Gnocco 337 E. 10th St. b/t Avenue A & Avenue B, New York, NY 10009 212-677-1913 American Express & Cash only

6 Responses to “Best Bite of the Week: Tartufata Pizza at Gnocco, the Best Pie No One Talks About”

  1. gingerspice said:

    I’m sold! Yummm.

  2. BKFoodGal said:

    A drizzle of truffle oil and an outdoor garden?!?! Life doesn’t get better than that…

  3. lauren said:

    Another spot in your hood NYCFG? You need your girl to move from BK to BX so we can spread the NYC love beyond the overlapping hobo-chic of the LES, East Village and Brooklyn.

  4. Smörgåsboard: Jackfruit, Hot Dog Egg Roll said:

    […] Tartufata pizza at Gnocco is “the best pie no one talks about” [NYC Food Guy] […]

  5. Andrea said:

    Could not agree more. Gnocco pizza is second only to Roberta’s…

  6. shirley said:

    YES! love gnocco’s pie — couldn’t agree more…

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