NYC Food Guy Video: Opening Day with the Hester Street Fair Food Vendors

Date April 26, 2010

Hester Street Fair opened its gates Saturday reviving a tradition of Hester Street vendors dating back to the late 1800s.  And while knishes and fresh fish have been replaced by Sigmund Pretzelshop and Luke’s Lobster roll, Brooklyn-based Mile End made sure there was still some bagels and lox.  Staying true to it’s melting pot roots, everything from banh mi to BBQ made an appearance and NYC Food Guy covered it all in video form.  Check it out then read ahead for some news and notes plus vitals on each food vendor…

Vimeo Link All production of this video complements of High 5 Productions

News & Notes from the Food Vendors

  • Tuan Bui, co-owner of An Choi, tells NYC Food Guy he will be debuting an off-menu Vietnamese meat pie exclusive to Hester Street Fair. It will feature a puff pastry filled with veal and pork.  And if it’s anything like the pork basil meatball bahn mi, I suggest you try it.  NYC Food Guy will keep you updated when it arrives.
  • Mike Malbon, owner of badass Lower East Side barbershop Frank’s Chop Shop, hopes to open a brick and mortar shop serving his family’s Virginia Beach-based Malbon Bros. BBQ some time in early fall.  We can expect tender, juicy and spicy pulled pork, ribs, fried chicken, and the Malbon’s famous sauces.
  • As reported on Grub Street, Rhonda “Roni Sue” Kave shared a table with two lovely ladies: her daughter Alison Kave who was promoting her pie company First Prize Pies and her production manager Michelle Sarivole promoting her eponymous bakery Sarivole.  First Prize featured mini and whole pies including an enticing S’Mores pie and Alison’s favorite the Bourbon Ginger Pecan.  Michelle’s hoping her delicious Lemon Coconut cookie will help put her on the map.
  • Luke Holden, owner of Luke’s Lobster, says the shrimp roll – not the lobster roll – at his popular East Village shop is his favorite, because it’s in season and it has great value.
  • Food event planners Silkstone, represented by founder Ben Towill’s toogood traders will be opening a yet-unnamed Lower East Side-based restaurant in the coming months.  Stay tuned for more info.
  • Sigmund Pretzelshop will be celebrating National Pretzel Day tonight from 5-9pm by unveiling their “pretzel dog,” a Schaller & Weber frank in a pretzel bun served with an array of toppings.
  • Greenbrownorange actually refers to three branches of the company centered around Hester Street’s own Brown Cafe.  Green refers to catering while orange refers to a private dining operation.  A constantly changing menu of freshly prepared items from Brown Cafe chef Alejandro Alcocer will greet visitors of the Hester Street Fair each weekend.

Vendor Information

Hester Street Fair will be open every weekend through December from 10AM-6PM

An Choi

85 Orchard St b/t Grand & Broome St, New York, NY 10002


First Prize Pies

Pies sold at Hester Street Fair, Fatty Cue, Saturday at Roni Sue’s Chocolates, Sunday at God Buns Market


Ice Dream

Snow cones flavored with natural juices complements of Meatball Shop chef Daniel Holzman

Kumquat Cupcakery

La Newyorkina

Luke’s Lobster

93 East 7th Street b/t 1st Ave & Ave A, New York, NY 10009


Malbon Brothers BBQ

1896 General Booth Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23454


Coming Soon to NYC

Brought to Hester Street Fair by Mike Malbon, owner of Frank’s Chop Shop

Mile End Delicatessen

97A Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217


Roni Sue’s Chocolates

120 Essex Street #11/12 Essex Street Market, New York, NY 10002


Sarivole Organic Bakery

Sold at Hester Street Fair every weekend and Sundays at God Buns Market

Sigmund Pretzelshop

29 Avenue B b/t 2nd & 3rd Street, New York, NY 10009


toogood traders

From the founders of food event planners Silkstone

13 Responses to “NYC Food Guy Video: Opening Day with the Hester Street Fair Food Vendors”

  1. MOE said:

    Somewhere to go,

    Thk U,

    Food guy

  2. kim said:

    I wanted to go there yesterday, but didn’t due to the rain. Glad it will run till end of year.

    Btw, the video doesn’t play. 🙁

  3. kim said:

    Oh, it played now. Thanks for the production!

  4. Jolie said:

    stopped by saturday, beyond excited to have this in the neighborhood…but food lines were a little steep to wait on…are they going to expand down hester for more vendors throughout the summer?

  5. The NYC Food Guy said:

    That’s a great question! I’ll get in touch with my contacts and see if I can get you an answer. Stay tuned. One thing I can advise is the earlier you get there, the better.

  6. mw said:

    The food was delicious- but unfortunately a lot of vendors were sold out by the time my friends and I got arrived and the crowds were outrageous (good for the vendors!). Still had fun. Food pictures-

  7. RWordplay said:

    Excellent bit of PR, but, I feel I must add, not really a review. Yes, a great introduction to the food vendors—the “craftspeople weren’t worth the time of day—but the reality for the hungry visitor, at least on Saturday at 3:00, was not quite as pleasing, if for no other reason most of the food was gone. To sample what was left, would have required standing in long crooked lines, while fair goers, making the circuit, careened off of you. Even then one was uncertain of getting a bite of anything, when my turn came up. Did I want a bagel for Montreal, I would if there was lox, there wasn’t lox, but a sign that said, “No more lox.” Finding a Bagel on the Lower East Side does not require a diving rod.

    The fair itself, could be considered a success if numbers are the criteria. Perhaps I’m too old for this sort of thing, but I did not enjoy being penned in, with a thousand other people. After making the circuit itself, we went to Oriental Garden on Elizabeth for a little dim sum. After 3:00 the selection is limited, but what they had was good.

  8. H-E said:

    Wordplay, I’m a little upset I actually read your entire post. It was pretty awkward and difficult to read.

  9. Agreed said:


    I’m just confused, what was the point of that comment?

  10. Lil NYC Food Gal said:

    Such a great video!!! It looked like a beautiful day. I hope to see many more videos from you!!

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