Best Bite of The Week: “Flatcar” at Hildebrandt’s Ice Cream in Williston Park, Long Island

Date April 23, 2010

Is there anything better than ice cream? Truly, is there any dessert that satisfies more consistently than ice cream? It’s an iconic dessert; Two lovers sharing a milkshake is pure Americana.  A child with more ice cream on his or her face, shirt, hands, and pants than in their mouth is an image that defines childhood.  Any living, old school ice cream parlor should be cherished as historical landmarks.  That’s why the “Flatcar” at 83-year old Hildebrandt’s Ice Cream in Williston Park, Long Island is NYC Food Guy’s favorite way to enjoy what is arguably America’s purest dessert.

Hildebrandt's Flatcar -

A “Flatcar” is a simple concept: A scoop of one of Hildebrandt’s 13 home made ice cream flavors (banana, butter pecan, cappuccino chip, chocolate, chocolate chip, coffee, cookies and cream, maple walnut, mint chip, peach, strawberry, vanilla, vanilla fudge) is placed on a slice of Entenmann’s All Butter Loaf (pound cake) and topped with whipped cream, a river of hot fudge and a bright red Maraschino cherry.  I always get banana ice cream.  And then I watch it disappear, generally in under five minutes.

If you’re planning on eating at Hildebrandt’s, order one of the tastiest classic grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches, an order of their circular, thin potato chip style French fries (demand well done) and an egg cream to wash it down.  Then prepare for the Flatcar.  Thank me later.

Hildebrandt's Flatcar -

Hildebrandt’s Ice Cream

84 Hillside Avenue (Google Map)
Williston Park, NY 11596
Closed Monday
Tues-Thurs. 11AM-8:30PM
Fri-Sat. 11AM-11PM
Sun. 10AM-4PM

8 Responses to “Best Bite of The Week: “Flatcar” at Hildebrandt’s Ice Cream in Williston Park, Long Island”

  1. Elliot said:

    This was the first place my Dad went after his discharge from the Army in the 70’s.

  2. Darwin G said:

    Wow that looks like heart attack delicious!

  3. Steve said:

    don’t miss the cheeseburger!!!

  4. Lil NYC Food Gal said:

    I’m salivating right now. I love the Flatcar. Great write-up, as usual!

    Oh, hey I see myself in that picture! 😀

  5. donuts4dinner said:

    Shit, dude. I hoped I’d never be in a place where I knew people who lived in Long Island, but after reading this, I’m so glad I have a friend who lives in this very neighborhood.

    I want the whole loaf under my ice cream scoop, though. I hope they’re willing to do that.

  6. Frannyonthego said:

    That glorious ice-cream photo is inspiring Franny- an ice-cream fanatic to venture out of the boroughs to Hildebrant’s. Can’t wait to try the flatcar!

  7. Richard T said:

    Hildebrandt’s is the very best thing to ever have been in Williston Park. And now, after appering in Guy Fieri’s show on the Food Network, they are more popular than ever! Make sure that you try their Onion Soup with mozzeralla in the crock, the delicious pork chops and the meat lasagna. Hot apple pie with home-made pumpkin ice cream? Literally to DIE FOR!

    Go visit these lovely people and ENJOY. I guarantee that you will-

  8. Patricia Polizzi said:

    My dad’s sister, Francis used to live down the street from you for 40 years at 98 Yale Street. I’ll bet you knew her! The family lives all over the place but we will be in Carle Place for a wedding shower on Sunday, 3.23.14. Would you take a reservation for sometime that weekend if I can determine that there is a group of us who would want to attend a great meal and dessert at Hilderbrandt’s? I am also considering getting my sister there for a little surprise birthday treat. Her birthday is We would be a group of approx. 10 people. Can we just come in as a group of 10?

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