Best Bite of The Week: Kasha & Bowtie Pasta with Veal Meatballs at ABC Kitchen

Date April 1, 2010

This new weekly feature will focus on NYC Food Guy’s single best bite of the week. Tell everyone what your best bite of the week was in the comments section.

I’m a tingling taste bud.  Different directions of delicious flavor and texture are sending me into a frenzy.  Crispy-edge house made bow tie noodles fold around tender veal meatballs and crunchy toasted kasha, all dripping with the tart vinegary broth they’re floating in.  Wonderful!  Yet something’s missing.  The crown of house made sour cream! Mix it into the heart of this creation infusing the thin broth with a subtle richness that now coats every bite.  Harmony.

Kasha & Bowtie Pasta with Veal Meatballs at ABC Kitchen  -

ABC Kitchen -

Kasha & Bowtie Pasta with Veal Meatballs $14
ABC Kitchen 35 E. 18t St. b/t B’dway & Park Ave. New York, NY 10003 212-475-5829 Website

6 Responses to “Best Bite of The Week: Kasha & Bowtie Pasta with Veal Meatballs at ABC Kitchen”

  1. Steve said:

    will you have a full review for ABC Kitchen coming? i am going in 2 weeks.

  2. Microcosm K said:

    Hmmm that’s a hard one. I would say it was either the 1 scoop of peanut butter 1 scoop of vanilla blackberry mix I had at Broom’s Bloom Diary farm last night or the irish nachos at Au Poitin Stil on Friday for my wife’s going away dinner.

  3. DinerDiva1 said:

    The scoop of butter pecan ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory I had on Friday gets my vote.

  4. lna leggings said:

    Warm croissant stuffed with goat cheese and nuts. Fresh made by a friend’s mom.

  5. Diana said:

    oh my that looks so good. i still dream about the salted caramel sundae there. heaven…

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