Snack of the Day: City Bakery’s Buttery, Sweet & Salty Pretzel Croissant

Date March 30, 2010

Other than Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop and Rainbow Falafel, there isn’t much worth snacking on between Madison Square Park and Union Square.  City Bakery fills that void nicely.  But it’s not their famously rich hot chocolate, their buttery chocolate chunk cookies or their over hyped, cafeteria style macaroni and cheese that inevitably leads me to their store on 18th street b/t 5th & 6th Ave.  It’s the simple yet elegantly decadent pretzel croissant ($3.75).  Studded with sesame seeds and hidden salt crystals, the flaky and crisp shell uncoils to reveal a chewy, buttery and sweet interior that delivers the satisfaction a falsely enticing Auntie Anne’s pretzel can only dream of.

City Bakery Pretzel Croissant -

City Bakery Pretzel Croissant -

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9 Responses to “Snack of the Day: City Bakery’s Buttery, Sweet & Salty Pretzel Croissant”

  1. Food for Thought said:

    City Bakery is a tasty spot. The croissant pretzels are tasty. They had other tasty bites like a vegan cookie and a chocolate zucchini muffin. I’ve had their hot chocolate but I’m not a fan. For hot chocolate I like Jacque Torres better.

  2. Mona said:

    I think they put poison in those. Too good to be true…I may even be willing to walk 10 blocks in this monsoon to have one right now!

  3. noelle said:


  4. Food for thought...obviously no thought involved said:

    is “tasty” the only adjective you know?

  5. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Do you have anything worthwhile to add to this forum other than being an ass?

  6. Microcosm K said:

    Thanks for reminding me this is a planned snack spot I forgot to add to my NYC itinerary. Everyone keeps talking about these damned things, I gotta try one.

  7. Foodista said:

    One of the best chocolate in town ! And the scones….
    I’m back in France and I miss breakfasts there !

  8. donuts4dinner said:

    I love ya, NYC Food Guy, but I have to disagree with you. It’d be a fine croissant if they just called it a croissant, but it’s nowhere near pretzely enough to carry the pretzel torch.

  9. Bill said:

    I went there one day to try the famous pretzel croissant and had a great experience. It was a cold, angry day my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli!

    Anyway, I stepped inside an ordered a hot chocolate (which I think is just the cat’s pajamas-thick and rich). I sat down and couldn’t believe how crispy, buttery, flaky, salty good this thing was. O sweet trespass, give me my sin again! The hot chocolate and the croissant danced a salty-sweet tango in my mouth.

    As if all of that goodness wasn’t enough, the staff beagn working on the lights above where I was sitting and politely asked if I could move. No problem. Right after I did, the manager came over to me with a complimentary pretzel croissant for my troubles. Such service!

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