Long Island Lunch: Diane’s Bakery Cafe in Roslyn

Date March 9, 2010

Diane’s is why suburbanites are happy, particularly those near the Rosyln-based bakery, cafe and neighboring restaurant, Trattoria Diane.  And for NYC Food Guy there are few better Long Island lunches than you’ll find at Diane’s Bakery Cafe, a place Manhattan’s meccas of prepared food aspire to be.

Diane's Bakery Cafe - NYCFoodGuy.com

Subtle gourmet touches elevate Diane’s Bakery Cafe above standard fare.  Sweet Thai Chile sauce adds a subtle sweetness to the mayo-based tuna salad, further enhanced by airy Tom Cat brioche.  Pairing the sandwich with a heaping spoonful of fresh mozzarella salad adds some welcome acidity, a credit to  juicy grape tomatoes mixed with the small, creamy clouds of mozzarella and shreds of bright basil.

Diane's Cafe Bakery - NYCFoodGuy.com

The rotating menu of prepared foods, all crafted at neighboring Trattoria Diane, includes just big-enough tins of bread crumb-dusted mac and cheese, flaky chicken pot pies, quiches, focaccia pizza and a seemingly endless array of colorful salads.

Diane's Cafe Bakery - NYCFoodGuy.com

Diane's Cafe Bakery  - NYCFoodGuy.com

Diane's Cafe Bakery - NYCFoodGuy.com

Every meal should end with something sweet and the options are abundant.  Treat yourself to a brownie, simultaneously delicate and decadent, possessor of a light, sophisticated sweetness even the most die-hard chocolate lover will covet.

Diane's Cafe Bakery - NYCFoodGuy.com

And if it’s just a morsel of sinful sweetness you desire, you’re in luck.  One walnut-studded chocolate fudge cookie offers a deceptive decadence in its small frame, a perfect accompaniment to a fresh cup of Diane’s Bakery Cafe coffee.

Dianes Cafe Bakery - NYCFoodGuy.com

Dianes Cafe Bakery - NYCFoodGuy.com

Enticing pies, cupcakes and cakes guarantee you’ll be welcomed home with open arms.

Dianes Cafe Bakery - NYCFoodGuy.com

Diane's Cafe Bakery - NYCFoodGuy.com

Diane's Bakery Cafe - NYCFoodGuy.com

Diane’s Bakery Cafe

23 Bryant Ave
Roslyn, NY 11746
(516) 621-2522

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8 Responses to “Long Island Lunch: Diane’s Bakery Cafe in Roslyn”

  1. Food for Thought said:

    Diane’s is a breath of fresh air, and a tasty one at that.
    it always satisfies and you leave content.

  2. Lora said:

    Diane’s in Roslyn has always been one of my favorite lunch establishments on Long Island. The consistent quality of their food always keeps me wanting more!

  3. Darwin G said:

    Thanks for the suggestion, I’m always looking for places on the Island.

  4. Tery said:

    Dianes was a wonderful place to stop when visiting Roslyn, NY. The food was extrodinairy; however, one of the servers was rude beyond belief!

  5. Terrie said:

    I love, love, love this place!!! The food is always beautiful and fresh and the staff is always accomidating and friendly.

  6. Julie said:

    Love the brownie bites, but my fav fav favorite is the marble brownies!! They just melt in your mouth!

  7. Lailuma Mayar said:

    I Love Love love triple berry pie and blueberry and rasberry muffin…

  8. Allie Levitt said:

    Number one on the Panini chart was outstanding! Their deserts are all delicious especially the crumb cake which I ordered yesterday!

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