Bespoke Chocolates: Custom-Made Chocolates Equal Swoon-Inducing Deliciousness

Date February 19, 2009

“Pop the the pretzel-covered sea-salted caramel ($2.25) in your mouth in one bite,” said the smiley counter girl.  “You need to contain the liquidy caramel.”  I happily obliged and was immediately searching for a counter to lean on.  All my energy surged to my taste buds, the better to absorb the transcendent flavor transformation taking place.  Salty crunch gives way to smokey caramel and when the dark chocolate appears, the swoon begins, your mind overcome by a chocolate work of art.  What better name than “Bespoke”, defined as “custom-made”, for a place where everything from the ingredients, to the selection and even the location, is unique.  Read on to discover how to find Bespoke Chocolates plus a look at some other delicious items…


The crunchy exterior provided by a bed of crushed pretzel gives way to decadent, silky deliciousness.


Southampton Tea Truffle ($2.25)

The favorite bon bon of co-owner & London-trained chocolatier Rachel Zoe Insler, the hand-rolled Southampton Tea Truffle is the largest of Bespoke’s chocolates.  The subtly fruity flavor of imported apricot infused black tea is steeped (infused) in the cream used to make these chocolates.  Like the pretzel-covered sea-salted caramel, the flavor of the light and creamy Caribbean chocolate also moves in waves over your taste buds.


Apricot, chocolate and a fleeting hint of tea take turns at the forefront of your tongue, leaving in their wake a surprisingly refreshing flavor uncharacteristic of a dark chocolate bon bon.


Passion fruit White Chocolate ($2.25)

If you’ve never tasted Venezuelan white chocolate, the time is now.  The deodorized chocolate offers the creaminess of white chocolate without the overwhelming sweetness, resulting in a much cleaner flavor.  This is the perfect receptacle for the vibrantly flavored passion fruit filling which really pops upon first taste.  I’ve never experienced such a perfectly sharp contrast between fruit and chocolate.


Chai Spice ($2.25)

One of just three milk chocolate items on Bespoke’s menu, cinnamon was the dominant flavor in the chai spice bon bon, subduing the flavor of the creamy milk chocolate.  I’m an opportunist when it comes to chocolate, usually leaning towards milk, but in the case of Bespoke, I’d stick to the complex and rich dark chocolate.


Hazelnut Praline ($2.25)

Praline, I learned from Rachel, is actually the “caramelized paste of roasted hazelnuts and almonds.”  And if you use high quality Chocolate Weiss praline (“better than Valrhona”, according to Rachel), the result is a flavor more intensely hazelnut than Nutella.


Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

And speaking of Nutella, you’re now able to pass on the brand name spread and treat yourself to Bespoke’s intensely flavored version.  The tiny sample I tasted offered a smokey and delicate decadence which regular Nutella could never match.


Finding Bespoke Chocolates

First take a look at the Google map (link) I’ve provided, then familiarize yourself with the photos below and you’ll have no problem finding Bespoke Chocolates, nestled on Extra Place, off 1st street between 2nd Avenue & Bowery.


Bespoke Chocolates (Website)

6 Extra Place Off East 1st Street
b/t Bowery and 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003


9 Responses to “Bespoke Chocolates: Custom-Made Chocolates Equal Swoon-Inducing Deliciousness”

  1. Mary I said:

    Awesome post! I’ve been waiting for this place to open – must have some of those pretzel-covered sea-salted caramels today. Thanks, nycfoodguy!

  2. moe said:

    very good!

    Thank you,


  3. Phil said:

    Oh my goodnessss…. I am heading over there stat!

  4. sarah said:


  5. Before Sunrise said:

    This is unbelievable stuff. I like the chocolate (or was it caramel?) covered pretzels, sound and look delicious!

  6. thebigredapple said:

    Oh my god this sounds amazing. I’m actually going to be not too far from there tonight because I’m going to an erotica reading at Happy Endings (, maybe I’ll stop by. What could be better than chocolate and erotica?

  7. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Mary I,
    Don’t waste any time, just call before you go because they do run out.

    Did you make it over to Bespoke?

    My sentiments exactly.

    Before Sunrise,

    Whatever it is you like, don’t think you can go wrong.


    I knew there was a reason I liked your comments. Chocolate and erotica eh? How’d the night turn out for you? What did you witness or hear at Happy Endings?

  8. Moranna said:

    I do wish you hadn’t described those chocolates in such detail!! I’m drooling. Except for the white chocolate, which I don’t like. I have made a note of the address so when I go to New York I can visit (and never come out)!!

  9. lose weight said:

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