West Village Dessert: Roasting Plant, Batch & Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

Date February 10, 2009

If decadent desserts aren’t enough to pull you out of bed on a wintery day, you may have some issues.  Then again, maybe NYC Food Guy is the one with issues.  After all, who else decides to go on a West Village Dessert Tour when snow is blowing sideways? What would you do if cookie dough shots, chocolate croissants, cream-filled cupcakes, Ovaltine banana pudding with caramelized Rice Krispies, and Aunt Rosie’s Famous chocolate chip cookies were calling your name?


Eat your heart out Mom, we no longer need your mixing spoon.


Yes, that is caramel filling. And yes, it is smiling at you.


150b West 10th Street
b/t Greenwich Ave and Waverly Place (Google map)
New York, NY 10014
Open daily 12PM – 9PM

Dragon Devil’s Food Cake ($2.95)

NYC Food Guy’s Favorite at Batch

Devil’s Food Buttermilk Cake, Caramel Filling, Valhrona Chocolate Frosting,Valhrona Chocolate Pearls

Pure decadence, in regard to flavor and texture, is what set this cupcake apart from the other two I tried.  Rich dark chocolate frosting and airy cake are contrasted by the sweetness of slightly smokey caramel oozing from the cupcake’s center.  The lack of reliance on sugar as the main flavor is a testament to the high quality ingredients used in all of Pichet Ong’s desserts.  Attempt to exhibit self control by letting the cupcakes rest after being removed from the refrigerator.


The Velvet ($2.95) & Black & White ($2.95)

The Velvet (left): Beet-Strawberry Cake (No Food Coloring), Chocolate Fudge Filling, Cream Cheese Frosting
Black & White (right): Chocolate Cake, Lemon Vanilla filling, Vanilla Butter cream

Both of these cupcakes sounded too delicious to pass on.  Unfortunately, neither truly wowed.


“The Velvet’s” slightly bitter chocolate filling was the only redeeming flavor amidst an out of place cream cheese frosting that was spread a bit too thick and a coarse cake lacking any beet or strawberry flavor.


The lemon flavored vanilla filling of the “Black and White” ruined what I hoped would be an experience reminiscent of a vanilla cream filled chocolate Hostess cupcake.  I’m not a fan of butter cream frosting in general and Batch’s version didn’t change that.


Ovaltine Pudding ($4.95)

Chocolate Soil, Sliced Baby Bananas, Ovaltine Pudding, Vanilla Bean Chantilly, Caramelized Rice Krispies

You can never go wrong combining banana with Rice Krispies (as proven by The Volstead’s chocolate fondue) but in the case of this pudding, the deliciousness ended there.  The chalky and slightly sweet chocolate pudding gives way to ripe banana and the awkward nutmeg-tinged chocolate soil.


The caramelized Rice Krispies redeemed this dish, providing serious crunch and the lingering flavor of smoky caramel.  I would order these to snack on by themselves.


Jack’s Stir Brew (Website)

138 West 10th Street b/t Greenwich Ave & Waverly Place
New York, NY 10014 (Google Map)

Aunt Rosie’s Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies ($1.00)

Aunt Rosie definitely knows a thing or two about chocolate chip cookies but I hope she isn’t banking on her baking ability to take her to the top.  As you bite into the crisp edges of this thin cookie, a chewy and buttery center greets you with a healthy amount of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a great homemade flavor.


I won’t be running back to Jack’s for their chocolate chip cookie the way I would for Levain‘s, but if I happened to be in the neighborhood and wanted a cozy place to grab some organic shade-grown coffee, Aunt Rosie’s cookie would be a welcome accompaniment.


Roasting Plant (Website)

75 Greenwich Ave b/t 7th Ave. South & Bank Street
New York, NY 10014 (Google Map)
Open 24 Hours

Cookie Dough Shots  – $1.08

The handful of times my Mom baked cookies, licking the delicious raw dough off the mixing spoon was a major no-no.  One dip in the batter was all that was allowed.  When I was old enough to purchase raw cookie dough on my own, my friend and I rushed to the supermarket and devoured the roll of Toll House dough like paranoid junkies, looking over our shoulders to make sure no one would interfere with our gluttonous moment.  Maybe things weren’t quite as extreme for you, but on the odd chance they were, Roasting Plant has changed everything with this genius idea.


The eggs are pasteurized so there’s no chance of salmonella poisoning (Mom really does know best), and the cookie dough is delicious.  Homemade chewy dough filled with a surprisingly large amount of semi-sweet chocolate chips possesses that deliciously grainy quality that only undissolved sugar and butter mixed together could create.  It’s heaven in a tiny plastic container and it’s just over $1.  Thanks to Serious Eats for the discovery.


Chocolate Croissant

This unassuming bubble of buttery, airy goodness is one of the better croissants I’ve had and it has nothing to do with the sparse strip of fudgey chocolate hidden inside.


A light, slightly salty skin encompasses an airy hole structure that provides a refreshing lightness greasier croissants can only dream about possessing.  I didn’t even mind the lack of chocolate in one half of the pastry because the croissant itself is that tasty.


19 Responses to “West Village Dessert: Roasting Plant, Batch & Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee”

  1. Phil said:

    wowwwwwww that cookie dough shot sounds like the greatest thing i’ve ever heard of in my life. who didn’t love eating raw cookie dough????? food guy, you truly amaze me..

  2. Before Sunrise said:

    I didn’t even have to read the review on the caramel filled cupcake, I had already decided that was my favourite just by looking at the picture… It looks amazing!

  3. BBQ said:

    If you like your desserts served in shot glasses, you might want to try the 8-shot dessert tray at Pancho’s in Oceanside — I loved the carrot cake shot and the cannoli cream. Next time, we’ll ask them to freeze the tray before we start dinner (and recommend that you do the same).

  4. moe said:


    thank you,

  5. PepperMan said:

    Wanna get shots later?

  6. Zeitgeisty said:

    yuck.. that cookie dough looks horrible!.. Anyone past the age of 6 years old that’s got a fascination with cookie dough is totally stunted.

    There’s a great cupcake place on 8th street called Crumbs… I like it better than Magnolia which I find completely overrated and filled with yuppie, hipster assholes.

  7. FN said:

    NYCFG, good stuff – lots of new things to try. Keep up the good work.

  8. Sweet Freak said:

    Oh NYCFG… I’m reading this at my weakest hour: right after lunch.

    Batch has been one of my favorites since last year. I love Pichet’s cupcakes and agree that one of the most difficult thing is showing restraint in order to let them warm up to room temp.

    I’ve been dying to go to the Roasting Plant for a couple weeks. Maybe I’ll get my shot this weekend!

    And good to know there’s a good (and cheap) ccc at Jack’s… though isn’t that just a few doors down from Batch? Pichet makes a pretty great ccc, too.

  9. Monique said:

    I could use a shot of cookie dough right about now.

  10. Coffee Bean HQ » I want to bake chocolate and coffee cupcakes. Can I just take a choc box mix and sub instant coffee for water? said:

    […] West Village Dessert: Roasting Plant, Batch & Jack’s Stir Brew … […]

  11. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Thanks man, I only show up and eat, we should really be thanking Roasting Plant.

    Before Sunrise,
    Look forward to the actualy post-tasting review.


    Do they have that at the Pancho’s in Great Neck?


    What’s not to like about Cookie Dough? Crumbs is good, Sugar Sweet Sunshine’s better, and yes, forget about Magnolia.


    Thanks puff, always working. You keep up the good work too.

    Sweet Freak,

    Tell me more about Pichet’s cookie. It has nuts in it right? Want to meet for coffee and cookie dough shots at Roasting Plant next week?

    Did you get your fix? What do you usually do to satisfy a sugar need?

  12. Dan said:

    duude, that pic of the cookie dough shot is pornographic (i just watch Anthony Bourdain’s food porn episode, we gotta try to get to momofuku).

  13. Sweet Freak said:


    I don’t think the ccc at Batch has nuts. I know there are big chunks of Valrhona chocolate, but I don’t remember nuts.

    Can you meet Sunday for a cookie dough shot??

  14. Zeitgeisty said:

    saw that momofuku episode on Bourdain… I don’t know how he continued to eat.. I think I would have explded like the guy in Monty Python’s meaning of life…

    ‘Fuck off.. can’t eat another bite!!’


  15. kristen said:

    omgz orgasmic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. fivefingerfeast said:

    As a former employee of Batch, I have to say that the next time you go you can not miss the cupcake with Matcha Buttercream frosting…I could eat that all day…and the Pumpkin one with Brown Butter Maple Frosting and Rum Raisin Filling. Also I was severely hooked on the giant chocolate chip cookies. If you like ’em more on the crunchier side, these are for you.

  17. The NYC Food Guy said:

    When are we going to Momofuku and what are we getting?

    Sweet Freak,

    Sunday might be tough. Let’s aim for some time next week. When else is good for you?

    Good to hear from you. It’s cookie dough shot time.

    Those are all of the cupcakes that were recommended to me by the woman behind the counter and Pichet’s own mother. You gotta respect that. Guess I’m going to have to make a return trip.

  18. Bill said:

    Good call on the Chocolate Dragon at Batch!! Pichet’s mom and I talked for a while when I was there on my Cupcake Tour. What a sweet lady! I really love that he plays with sweet, salty and savory flavors. He knows how to find balance in the things he creates. The caramel in the Dragon is just teetering on the edge of burnt and I love that! The 2nd time I went there, they gave me a cupcake just slightly cooled down and freshly frosted with a bacon-caramel frosting. Righteous stuff, man! Like a good cheese plate, letting cupcakes come close to room temp (if they’ve been in a cooler) really goes a long way in bringing out their full flavor and provides a much richer experience. I had a wicked Lemon cupcake with lemon curd filling and cream cheese frosting at Two Little Red hens a while back and the counter girl advised me to wait 30 minutes as she had just taken it out of the refrigerated case. Good advice.

    Have you ever tried the homemade Oreos at Jack’s? They don’t make them there, but get them from a local bakery at taste just like a big, oversized soft Oreo. the texture is different, but they really nailed the taste. They told me the name of the bakery, but I forgot. I usually get them at the Jack’s down by the Seaport, but they are available at the West 10th location too.

    Zeitgeisty, I gotta say, I just don’t get the appeal of Crumbs. I’ve been to the West 8th Street, Upper East Side and Financial District locations and all I ever taste is lots of sugar. No real depth or balance of flavors.

  19. Maris said:

    Wow, cookie dough shots? And here, I already thought I knew everything.

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