NYC Food Guy Gone For The Weekend, 24 Hour “Kool Bloo” Open for Takeout & Delivery in East Village, A Mission for NYC Food Guy’s Readers

Date January 30, 2009

Kool Bloo, a small chain of grease pits throughout Manhattan, just opened the 24 hour take out/delivery area of their new East Village location on 12th Street just off Avenue A.  Kool Bloo has the potential to become the go to late night dining spot once the main room opens but there’s two problems: 1) Everything is overpriced 2) Their menu is overwhelmingly large.  I attempted to play it safe by ordering something low key, but that didn’t prevent a disappointing experience. I ordered a chicken burger, which I thought would be grilled but instead arrived breaded and fried, on a roll with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and melted jack cheese.  I also picked up an order of seasoned curly fries.  Read on to find out where things went wrong…


Problem #1: the $19.94 total!  For fries and a chicken sandwich! You can see from the photo below that its a big sandwich. If you measure it out with your fingers against the football, the heights are pretty similar.  But most of the height came from the vegetables not the cheese and not the bacon, which brings us to problem #2.


Problem #2: the $2.00 bacon never made its way onto the sandwich. $5.00 afforded a copious amount of curly fries which were crispy as requested. The generic breading on the all white meat breast was a little over-fried but the chicken itself was juicy and tasty.  The only excitement surrounding the generic roll were the sesame seeds.


I’ll give these guys a little time to work out the kinks before I return and do something crazy like order the “Sticky Burger,” which features peanut butter spread over bacon.  Until then, I’ve got a mission for the readers: Check out Kool Bloo (here’s the menu) and let me know in the comments section what you ordered and how it turned out.

Kool Bloo

Multiple Locations (Find One Near You)

13 Responses to “NYC Food Guy Gone For The Weekend, 24 Hour “Kool Bloo” Open for Takeout & Delivery in East Village, A Mission for NYC Food Guy’s Readers”

  1. Before Sunrise said:

    It’s bad and you want us to spend our money on it??? 🙂

  2. Croup said:

    I mentioned it to Little NYC Food Guy, the “Sticky Burger” is the way to go at Kool Bloo. Peanut butter and bacon is outstanding on a burger. I’m heading to New Orleans in March and one of my first stops will be to Yo Mama’s for their Peanut butter and bacon burger.

  3. stevenp said:

    Kool Bloo is way overpriced for mediocre food. There are many far better meal options on every block.

  4. Monique said:

    I’ll say, its a beautiful presentation but $20 for a “burger and fries” is a sin!
    I love curly fries though!

  5. lauren said:

    Yea, skip this chain-like place. Overpriced and pretty generic stuff. This is a NYCFG rec that I would ignore.

  6. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Before Sunrise,
    Ha, sorry Cristiana. With three chains of this place in the city, there has to be something good and the menu is just too large for me to conquer it alone!

    Did you notice the burger I said I’d have to try in the last sentence. That’s all you man.

    Where do you like to eat late night in the East Village besides Crif Dogs?

    Couldnt agree more on both fronts. Love curly fries. you don’t really find them too much though? You know any other places to get them?

    I wouldn’t exactly call this an NYC Food Guy rec. But as a late night option it’s just too pricey to be worthwhile, if it was 5 dollars cheaper it would change everything. You know how I feel about spreading the word on grease pits though. Where have you been lauren? Haven’t heard from you in a while. Any good meals of recent?

  7. Monique said:

    Curly Fries in NYC… hmm. Only place that comes to mind immediately is Hooters on I beleive W 57th and 7th? If I think of any other place, i will let you know.

  8. Before Sunrise said:

    OK, FG, I promise that if I ever have an uncontrollable urge to eat grease, I will try something there 😉

  9. Master said:

    Hey Foodguy, with your hearty appetite, you should be featured on that show “Man vs. Food.” I just found out about it and I’m pretty psyched! Habanero wings, 11 pound meaty pizzas, and even mancakes (13-inch pancakes stacked up)! Yum.

  10. The NYC Food Guy said:

    I think I could hold my own against that dude. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Then again, watching him eat the hottest curry in the country at Brick Lane on Curry Lane in the East Village, I don’t know if I’m ready for that.

  11. Phil said:

    Can we talk about tater tots?!!!!!!!

  12. The NYC Food Guy said:

    I love it man. Let’s talk tots. Crif Dogs (covered in chili and cheese). Big Daddy’s Diner. Trailer Park. Fat Annie’s Truck Stop (covered in ranch and bacon). Where else can we find tots. The real question is, how do you even make tots? Can we make our own? Is there a best tater tot in the city?

  13. H-E said:

    kool blue really sucks

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