NYC Cheese Steaks: 99 Miles to Philly is Far From Great

Date December 1, 2008

Cheese steaks may be native to Philadelphia, but in New York it doesn’t matter where a food originates, we think we’ve got the best.  And if something deserves that title, NYC Food Guy is going to find it.  Back in April, I called Shorty’s cheese steak the best I’ve had in NYC, and other than a few delivery mishaps, they haven’t disappointed.  Several readers, however, said 99 Miles to Philly is NYC’s best cheese steak.  But after dining there last week, Shorty’s still wears NYC Food Guy’s cheese steak crown.


Philly Cheese Steak, Whiz Wit ($6.50), Fries ($2.25) & Can of Soda ($1.50)
  • The bread at 99 Miles to Philly is too flimsy and light for the greasy mass of disappointingly dry chopped steak held within.
  • I ordered my sandwich “whiz wit”, which means cheese whiz and onions on top of my steak. The sauteed onions were ordinary and the dispersal of the liquidy cheese whiz was uneven, waiting at the back of the sandwich to overwhelm my final bites.  I may opt for American cheese next time out.
  • The final verdict is a sandwich that lacks unified flavor and structural cohesiveness.  Cook the steak less, and find a new roll and this cheese steak will improve.
  • The standard spicy waffle fries, piping hot and overflowing from a tiny paper bag, were best when stuffed in the cheese steak.
  • The table is adorned with Frank’s Red Hot, an overly sweet barbecue sauce and a non-Heinz ketchup, none of which enhanced the meal.
99 Miles to Philly 94 3rd Ave b/t 12th & 13th St New York, NY 10003 (212) 253-2700
Open Until: Sunday to Tuesday 12AM, Wed. 1AM, Thurs. 2AM,. Fri. & Sat 3AM