NYC Cookies: This Chick Bakes (formerly PMS Kookie Kompany) Proves the Best Cookies Are Made with Love

Date November 13, 2008

Food is love. And the only thing better than finding someone who shares that philosophy is finding someone who has that philosophy in mind when cooking food. PMS Kookie Company, aka This Chick Bakes, embodies all that is right with food; two people who put their heart and soul into creating delicious desserts. Why do they do it? So we can all be happy. I just ate 9 of their cookies in a row and let’s just say, their plan is working. I’m a happy Food Guy.


Alas, sometimes love isn’t enough in this unforgiving city, that’s why Jen & Charley, the great people behind PMS, offer their sugary goodies at some of the best coffee houses in New York City. Check out their awesome video, find out where you can eat their delicious desserts and then go tell your friends to do the same. Read on for Loco Coco Nutty Bars, Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwiches, Surprisingly Delicious Vegan Cupcakes and the best Peanut Butter Cup in the World…

Peanut Butter Blast aka The Best Peanut Butter Cup Ever

Unreal. Think a Reese’s Cup on steroids. A thick layer of milk chocolate rests atop a healthy layer of salty, creamy peanut butter, all on top of a tiny chocolate chunk cookie. The hint of salt in the peanut butter and cookie combine with sweet chocolate for a flavor trip that puts Reese’s to shame. Of the 9 delicacies I sampled, this was the only one where I ate the entire thing.


Chocolate on top, chocolate chunk cookie on the bottom, peanut butter in the middle. Heaven.


Mooney Mood Pie

Really good. It’s a chocolate chip/peanut cookie with peanut nougat filling. The cookies are firm yet chewy and you get a great textural adventure with the combo of the cookie’s crunchy peanuts and the creaminess of the filling. A truly delicious cookie.


Chocolately, Crunchy, Creamy & Peanut Buttery; this cookie has it all.


Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Discs! Forget about chocolate chips, discs are the wave of the future. When you break this cookie apart, you hear the sounds of deliciousness: strands of rich, buttery cookie separating and making way for shards of fudgy, pure-tasting chocolate which appear in every delicious bite.

pms-kookies-058Looks can be deceiving, like these huge chunks of delicious chocolate hiding inside this unassuming cookie.


Vegan Cupcake

I know, I know, Vegan?! Keep an open mind. This is one really tasty cupcake. The ratio between the moist and airy Devil’s food cake and the tall coating of coffee-flavored chocolate frosting is perfect.


Nothing but chocolate and love. I’d take this over Magnolia’s corporate cupcakes any day of the week.


Loco Coco Nutty Bar

Before you go loco, let’s break this down: A graham-oat bottom, a layer of coconut and chocolate chips, a massive layer of fudge topped with pecans. What seems like an unbelievable idea was tasty but lacking in the buttery department, particularly in the graham-oat bottom. The healthy layer of coconut really saved this for me. I credit my disappointment to a bad batch, nothing with this combo of ingredients could fall short twice.




Power Brownie

The high hopes I had for this milk chocolate chunk-studded brownie melted when I realized it was more cakey than fudgey. That’s just preference. The flavor, however, was interesting: chocolate with a hint of what tasted like maple syrup. More fudge, less maple, and this is a happy Food Guy.


Oatmeal Raisin

Cinnamon! It screams out at you upon every bite. This chewy, buttery cookie is filled with tasty oats, but the best bites combine the plump, tart raisin with the sweet surrounding cookie. Balance is achieved and voila: cookie bliss.


Raisin Coconut Oat

Hopes were high for this coconut creation but in the end the cookie more closely resembled the Oatmeal Raisin, in consistency and flavor. You could see the coconut but you couldn’t really taste it.


Coconut, Coconut, wherefore art thou Coconut? I can see it but I can’t really taste it.


Chocolate Dipt Peanut Butter

A peanut butter cookie dipped in hard milk chocolate and dusted with chopped peanuts. The chocolate side is very sweet but the peanut butter cookie is perfect; light, a little creamy and not too heavy on the peanut flavor. You can taste quality ingredients. I’d be more content with a chocolate drizzle similar to the Raisin coconut oat.


So Where Can You Find These Awesome Cookies?

88 Orchard Orchard St. & Broome

Café Angelique Bleecker b/t Broadway & Lafayette

Café Angelique Bleecker & Grove

Grounded Jane Street & W4th

Joe Waverly & Gay Streets

Joe E13th b/t Broadway & University

Joe Grand Central Terminal Graybar entrance

Joe 23rd & 9th Ave

71 Irving Irving & 19th st

Irving Farms 7th ave b/t 13th & 14th

Gramstand Ave A b/t 13th & 14th

Gimme Coffee 228 Mott St b/t Prince & Spring

Juicy Lucy Avenue A b/t E5 & E6th St.

Klatch Maiden Lane & Broadway

V Bar Sullivan b/t W3rd/W4th

York Theatre Company 54th B/W Lexington & 3rd

You can also order cookies directly from PMS Kookies at their Website:

8 Responses to “NYC Cookies: This Chick Bakes (formerly PMS Kookie Kompany) Proves the Best Cookies Are Made with Love”

  1. FN said:

    WOW!! I am sold. Those look really, really good. Especially the peanut butter cup.

  2. Before Sunrise said:

    This kind of post should be forbidden, it’s obscene!!! 🙂

    How can you not want to eat them all??? And their video is great too.

  3. Phil said:

    NYCFG – Oh. My. God!!!!!! That peanut butter cup looks like the greatest thing on earth, and that raisin coconut oat sounds like heaven! How do you find these places????

  4. Jack said:


  5. Niko said:

    Great piece on PMS/ This chick bakes! Gotta hit them again. Thanks for the nudge!

  6. jennifer houston said:

    …um, we’re blushing with pride! Damn, you make us excited about our own dang product all over again! I still love it too…I think I’ll go make some peanut butter cups now….no, seriously.
    We love you NY Food Guy!

    Jen and Charley!

  7. The NYC Food Guy said:


    The peanut butter cup is ridiculous. One of the most unique and delicious desserts I’ve had in recent times. Check out their video if you haven’t already and you’ll see PMS/This Chick Bakes is no joke.

    Before Sunrise,

    Oh I did eat them all. Almost. I ate the entire peanut butter cup but had half of every other cookie. Needless to say I had a sugar rush of the 7th grade caliber.


    Sometimes the find me, but in the case of PMS, I found their Kookies downtown at a Financial District Tasting Event months ago. You never know when and where you’re going to find something delicious. The PB Cup is insanely good. Seek it out and get one now!


    Dude, you are correct. Thanks.


    Definitely worth another try, my pleasure pointing you back towards them. They’re serious about their desserts and I know that’s something you respect. Go for the peanut butter cup if nothing else.

    Jennifer Houston,

    And the world becomes a better place as more peanut butter cups are made. Love right back at ya.

  8. Sweet Freak said:

    I concur, NYCFG! I did my own gluttonous sampling of their goods and am a convert. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better vegan cupcake. Dee-lish.

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