NYC 24 Hour Restaurants: Sarge’s Delicatessen

Date September 18, 2008

NYC is the city that never sleeps, but in reality, quality 24 hour restaurant options are lacking. Forget the diner and the corner store, it’s time for you to check out Sarge’s Delicatessen on 3rd Avenue between 36th & 37th street. Since 1964, this kosher-style deli has been serving up overstuffed pastrami sandwiches, crinkle cut skin-on french fries and a long list of comfort food that would make Grandma proud. You can’t really go wrong at Sarge’s but read on for two dishes that got the job done.

Salami & Eggs on a Roll $7.95

When I was NYC Food Kid growing up in Queens, NYC Food Mom would fry up some salami and mix it with scrambled eggs. Simple and delicious. It’s been a long time since I had that meal, and Sarge’s is the perfect place to rejuvenate a childhood favorite. The salami was fried, just like the old days, but unfortunately it wasn’t mixed in with the eggs. I’ll make sure to ask for that, and a toasted roll, next time.

Matzo Brie with Apple Sauce $9.45

If we’re on the topic of meals that would make Grandma proud, matzo brie is in the top 10. Traditionally a Passover food, matzo brie is truly delicious anytime of the year. Eggs are mixed with pre-soaked, broken matzo then fried up in a buttered pan. You can eat your matzo brie with salt and pepper or cinnamon and sugar. I’m a fan of the sweet variety. Sarge’s version was spot on. It arrived piping hot and slightly sweet. Maple syrup is available upon request, but they lose points for not having extra cinnamon and sugar.

Hearty Crinkle Cut French Fries $4.95

As far as late night fries go, there’s nothing better than Ziggiz, but It’s still great to find something other than the standard diner fry, particularly hearty fries that can soak up the late night beverages more efficiently. Make sure to ask for Sarge’s fries well done because if you don’t, you’ll encounter the only drawback to hearty fries: sogginess.

Free Pickles & Cole Slaw

What would any kosher style deli be without a free appetizer of pickles and cole slaw? I like full sour pickles, and Sarge’s version was quality but a little dry (I don’t take away points considering it was 3:30AM when I was eating there). The cole slaw is better than standard diner fare; sweet and crunchy, it struck a good balance between mayonnaise and vinegar.

Deliciousness to Look Forward To

Two words: “Sarge’s Favorite.” We’re talking beef brisket over a crispy potato pancake all covered in gravy. It’s gonna run you $15.45, but I don’t see how you could go wrong, especially since Sarge’s prepares all its own meats (turkey, pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, and brisket). Several employees at Sarge’s also recommended their flame broiled burgers (though King of Ketchup disagrees), and if you’re reading this site, I think you know how I feel about burgers.

Sarge’s Delicatessen

548 Third Ave. b/t 36th & 37th Street
New York, NY 10016
Photo: Billyboy at

22 Responses to “NYC 24 Hour Restaurants: Sarge’s Delicatessen”

  1. AG said:

    Sarge’s Favorite sounds great, a heap of food, but great. Their sandwiches are generally very good, and the 24 hour thing makes it a great spot in that neighborhood.

    Keep Eating

  2. kingofketchup said:

    the burger at sarge’s was decent (considering nothing else was open at 4am) — not amazing if i recall correctly. i’m picky about my burgers though — if i’m gonna get a burger somewhere, i want it to be the best. but a crappy burger isn’t the worst thing in the world, it just means more Heinz…

  3. The NYC Food Guy said:


    I assume you’ve been to Sarge’s? If so what did you get?


    I can vouch for your super high burger standards and I completely agree with your strategy for a subpar one, pile on the ketchup.

  4. AG said:

    Corned Beef sandwich all the way, rye, coleslaw, Russian and a pickle. Very good and can easily be stretched to two meals. Wish i had a place like this (or any good jewish deli) in my neighborhood.

  5. Ruth said:

    I love Sarges. They have great chicken soup. I also really like there potato pancakes

  6. The NYC Food Guy said:


    I think we all wish we had a good Kosher Deli in our hoods. Unfortunately, they’ve all gone the way of the dodo. Damn shame. At least we still have Katz’s, Sarge’s and Ben’s Best in Queens.


    Right on. The potato pancakes are definitely on my Sarge’s to do list.

  7. Dr. Dyspepsia said:

    Don’t forget the Kensington in Great Neck!

  8. ben's said:

    nycfg, you haven’t even been to ben’s best, how are you gonna personally tout it???

  9. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Where you coming from with that? NYCFG grew up on Ben’s Best in Queens. You are way off base with that comment. Check your intel.

  10. veggielove said:

    I went a week or two ago and ordered something without fries… and regretted it so very much. Will have to go back and try again.

  11. jolly green giant said:


    Bc you love veggies, and my penis is made out of veggies(bc im the jolly green giant), do you love my penis?

  12. Phil said:

    WOW. Although I am a devout NYCFG reader, that was pure comedy.

    well played mr. giant, sir.

  13. jolly green giant said:

    the unit is a straight eggplant. testes, brussel sprouts. and the corn-hole, well that self explanatory.

  14. dudeguy said:

    wow this site makes me blush sometimes. what funny readers you have fg!

    in all serious, i need your advice. i’m lookin for the best grilled head cheese sandwich money can buy. i’ve combed the streets of chelsea with no luck to speak of. heck, i’m even willing to pay spitzer-esque rates. just hook it up.

    thanks and KEEP IT UP!!!


  15. wendy peffercorn said:

    dude guy — in terms of grilled cheese, i think you’re better off cooking it on your own (or with your partner) at your domicile. any place that is going to make you grilled cheese is going to charge you at least $3 for it — and for that price, you can make 20 grilled head (?) cheeses on your own!

  16. Bill said:


    Love Sarge’s!! My girlfriend’s brother put me on to it and I did a RF review of it last year. The pastrami sandwich, fries (dare I say better than Nathan’s?) and egg cream were my 2am special when I would work the swing shift in that neighborhood.

  17. The NYC Food Guy said:


    What’s not to love about Sarge’s. It’s and old school kosher deli menu 24 hours a day. The fries are definitely better than Nathan’s. They’re the exact same hearty crinkle cut except Sarge’s actually come crispy, something Nathan’s never seems able to accomplish (but that still hasn’t stopped me from devouring entire orders of Nathan’s fries, only at the Coney Island location).

    Egg Creams are so underrated. Where are your best ones? The one I had at Katz’s was awesome.

  18. wriskit said:

    Took out a hot pastrami sandwich with sour pickles from Sarge’s yesterday after my annual checkup at the Manhattan Urology office at 120 E 34th St. Back home in Forest Hills, I rewarmed just the meat in the steamer for 5 minutes, replaced the meat in the rye bread, and split the sandwich with my wife. So good … and so overstuffed, half is enough for an ordinary person. A special person can eat the whole thing. At $12.95, affordable heaven.

  19. The NYC Food Guy said:

    nothing makes me happier than to hear one of my recommendations made you happy on taste and price. that’s the best reward I can ask for.

  20. mr. fabuloso said:

    flying insects are a royal pain at sarge’s but my business buddy lives across the street and we always meet there. his treat his call and they don’t ever bother him. waitstaff could use some decient meth.

  21. RICARDO said:

    my wife and i were late night partying and decided to get some food delivered to us by sarges. we were staying at the Soho grand hotel off of canal street NYC. the food was awesome and the delivery guy Louis was great. nice guy that will go out of his way to answer any questions you may have about this gorgeous city. thanks Louis

  22. Alicia said:

    ordered the monster sandwich and it was huge just the way I like them! Lewis the driver arrived in a smart car. he was def. fast and reliable and deserves excellent tips. so please give your food delivery person a great tip if they arrive fast! its unprecedented to get a nice delivery person at your front door that speaks English and gives a smile to you. BTW the monster had to be eaten by 5 of us. its huge!!

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