NY Food Tour: Bacon Cheeseburger with Crispy Onions at Goodburger

Date August 19, 2008

NYC Food Guy Note: I’m on vacation in California so I’m sending you on a NY Food Tour to keep your stomach happy while I’m gone. Enjoy the deliciousness.

  • What: While the beef is almost as delicious as Burger Joint‘s, Goodburger offers all the toppings you wish the Burger Joint had. Thanks to Lil NYC Food Guy, I discovered the pleasure of a char-grilled cheeseburger (white & yellow cheddar standard), cooked to order, and covered in crisp bacon and sweet, crispy onions. The toasted bun and shoestring fries are standard, letting the burger take center stage.
  • Cost: $9.00 (Cheeseburger $6.75, Bacon $1.75, Crispy Onions $.50)
  • Where: 4 Locations in Manhattan
  • Website: http://goodburgerny.com/
  • Inside info: The bacon and onions were plentiful but tasted pre-cooked.