NY Food Tour: Best Fries in the City (Especially Late Night) at Ziggiz

Date August 16, 2008

NYC Food Guy Note: I’m on vacation in California so I’m sending you on a NY Food Tour to keep your stomach happy while I’m gone. Enjoy the deliciousness.

  • What: Forget Pommes Frites, Ziggiz serves Manhattan’s best and biggest order of fries for a mere $2.16! Thin, crisp and double-fried, these fries are even better after a night on the town. You can get an overflowing order of addictive and delicious fries until 3AM Thursday and 5AM Friday and Saturday.
  • Cost: $2.16!!!!
  • Where: 333 3rd Avenue near 25th Street NY, NY 10010 212-683-3663
  • Inside info: All the other food at Ziggiz is standard grease pit fare, including their namesake burgers, cheese steaks and burritos. Quesadillas and burritos come with onions in them so make sure to speak up if you don’t want them. Stick with the fried stuff here (mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers) and you can’t go wrong.

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One Response to “NY Food Tour: Best Fries in the City (Especially Late Night) at Ziggiz”

  1. Paul said:

    Well I tried the fries at Ziggiz on your recommendation. To call them mediocre is fair, maybe even generous. To call them the best in nyc is just absurd. My order didn’t look much like your photo, as there were precious few fries longer than one inch. The price is now $2.55, still not expensive, but who cares if they aren’t good? There are many places in the city with GREAT fries, including Pommes Frites, Balthazar, Cafe de Bruxelles. So many others too. Has this place gone downhill?

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