Tuck Shop: The Great Aussie Bite

Date July 2, 2008

Looking for food that’s different and delicious? Tuck Shop on 1st Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue is serving authentic Australian street food until 5AM on weekends. You may not know what meat pies, Lamingtons or Vanilla Slice are, but once you try them, your culinary landscape will be forever changed.

Lamingtons ($3.00 each)

2 pieces of airy sponge cake, with jam in between, rolled in chocolate then rolled in coconut. Its like a more chocolaty version of a Hostess Snoball, minus the marshmallow. Decadent and delicious.

Meat Pies ($5.00 each)

I came for dessert but I’ll return for the meat pies. These buttery, flaky beauties are baked fresh daily and come in 10 different varieties.

I recommend the Beef meat pie. It’s savory, spicy and delicious when dipped in ketchup.

I also recommend the Thai Chook (Chicken) Curry meat pie. Equally savory, the tender chicken is immersed in a sauce of spicy chopped green curry leaves. It’s best when covered in Sweet Chile Sauce.

Pork & Sage Roll ($3.00)

The crumbly pork, the flaky crust and the colorful ingredients (carrots and celery) were all pleasing but the aromatic, mellow flavor of the sage wasn’t my cup of tea. Stick to the meat pies.

Vanilla Slice ($3.00)

I was hesitant to put this photo up because it doesn’t do justice to the deliciousness of the Vanilla Slice. If you trust NYC Food Guy at all, you’ll take my word that this is an amazing dessert. Two pieces of pastry puff encasing thick vanilla custard all topped with vanilla icing similar to that of a black and white cookie. The Lamingtons are awesome, the Vanilla Slice is better.


Australian Groceries

Tim Tams, Vegemite, Mint Slice, Cheezels and several other Australian goodies can be found in a small glass display case inside Tuck Shop. You haven’t lived if you’ve never had Tim Tams.

Tuck Shop

68 East 1st Street b/t 1st & 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
(212) 979-5200
Mon – Wed 8AM – 12AM, Thurs. 8AM – 2AM,
Fri- Sat 8AM – 5AM, Sunday 8AM – 10PM
Free Delivery ($10 Minimum)


26 Responses to “Tuck Shop: The Great Aussie Bite”

  1. VeggieGirl said:

    Oooh, look at those Lamingtons!! Decadent and delicious, indeed.

  2. cock dundee said:

    i love bitin aussies!

  3. Phil said:


    I just clicked over to your site. On the “about me” section, it says:

    I am a young, health-conscious vegan who has a passion for nutrition, cooking, food photography, animals, fitness, and writing. I aspire to write for a magazine publication in the future, such as VegNews or Vegetarian Times.”

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE NYCFG fan/reader and I think he does a great job, but I’m quite curious as to what you’re doing reading his site. The guy doesn’t eat anything that one could consider “healthy”, he most certainly does not have a passion for nutrition, nor fitness. The only things I see you two having in common are cooking, food photography, and writing. Why are you such an avid reader of his? All he eats/reviews/takes pictures of are fried and unhealthy, and will probably cause him health problems for years to come (let’s hope not!).

    -Phil (me)

  4. Phil said:


    Sorry, I forgot to include that it’s pretty clear to me that NYCFG loves meat too. Just pointing out your differences since you’re a vegan and all. Not trying to deter you from reading his site, but more curious as to what you find so special. Is it the food photography?


    -Phil (me)

  5. Phil said:

    I’m quite disappointed that VG hasn’t responded to my question. I guess we’ll just have to assume she is a huge fan of NYCFG’s food-photography (as am I).

    NYCFG – Have you ever been to Australia? Or are you just a fan of the food?

    -Phil (me)

  6. Jessica said:

    Gotta love the Vanilla Slice.

    I’m an Aussie girl who’s going to be visiting NY in October, so I’m doing my research on where to eat. I love that you love Australian food! Double-Coated Tim Tams rule!

    A lot of food identified as Australian actually came to Australia via our convict background – the meat pie is a traditional English food and I’m pretty sure the lamington is too. The vanilla slice is French.

    To try some really Aussie food, have a go at some kangaroo!

  7. The NYC Food Guy said:


    Great to hear from a real Aussie.

    Some other great Australian options in NYC are:

    Sunburnt Cow

    Bondi Road

    Barramundi Bar

    Get in touch when your trip gets closer and I’ll give you all the recommendations you can handle.
    [email protected]

  8. Sir. Loin said:


    you are visiting nyc in october and are already looking for where you are going to eat?

  9. Captain Pickle said:

    NYC Food Guy, where are you from? It seems like you really know your stuff!

  10. VeggieGirl said:

    Do you eat vegan food? I can bake quite the cake. Would you give me an honest review?

  11. Jessica said:

    Thanks for the Aussie options NYC Food Guy, we’ll eat there if we feel homesick!

    And Sir Loin, no, I’m not already looking for where I’m going to eat when I visit in October.

    I’ve been looking since January!

    I really love food and this is not only my first trip to New York, but my first trip overseas. I want to visit all the places I’ve always heard about!

  12. Bronx Briner Gal said:

    I finally got the chance to visit with a group of friends, and I was really surprised at how simple and tasty my meal was. I had a beef pie, a salad and a side of potato salad and I was feelin’ very happy. My friends had the Thai Chook and the Veggie Pies and were just as happy. The Lamington was a bit on the dry side, but the coffee latte that I washed it down with was very strong. Don’t expect service, but do expect a good meal, friendly staff and the feel like you’re in someone else’s house. Get your own utensils, sit down and stuff your face.

  13. The NYC Food Guy said:

    Bronx Briner,

    Well said. Sit and chow down. Affordable and delicious. Do you have any other spots that share a similar philosophy?

  14. John Burgess said:

    The lamington is not English. It was named after Charles Cochrane-Baillie, 2nd Baron Lamington, who served as Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901.

  15. intellectualeater said:

    NYCFG, I’m not sure what your hang up is about Aussie food. I love Australia – lived there for a little while – but traditional Aussie food is nothing to write home about. It’s basicaly a twist on english food … and British food is bloody awful. Give me some find Italian/Thai/French/Vietnamese cooking over Aussie food anyday.

    The Intellecutal eater

  16. Stinkus the Pincus said:

    Vanilla Slice… Please everyone try it! Unbelievably delicious.. this guy knows his shit.

  17. Niko said:

    Damn, I am being a real slacker. I have to hit this place those Lamingtons seem like just the thing my readers would like. $3 seems really good too these days.

  18. L said:

    The only bad thing is the outrageous prices- no one in their right mind back in Oz would try and sell a pie for $5…
    Rent must be high I’m guessing!

  19. The NYC Food Guy said:


    You said it sister, high rent equals higher food prices. I can handle the $5 price tag however because the pies are just filling enough to leave room for the more affordable desserts ($3 for lamingtons and vanilla slice).

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  21. Bill said:

    NYCFG, stopped in there before the holidays just to try the Lamington, but got roped into a Shrimp & Mushroom pie with a side of Scalloped Potatoes. Glad I listened to the guy. The pie was really good, not the best crust I’ve ever had, but good and the filling was creamy and garlicky. The potatoes were crusty, browned, creamy and cheesy, perfection.

    I wish I could say I liked the Lamington. I see the appeal, but I think it just wasn’t my thing. For me, I think it would have worked better with toasted coconut on the outsdie and milk instead of dark chocolate.

  22. The NYC Food Guy said:

    I’m starting to think the Lamingtons are a little hit or miss depending on freshness. I’ve encountered stale versions and I’ve had freshly made, the latter is significantly better, no comparison. The vanilla slice is where its at when it comes to dessert at Tuck Shop, if they have it get some, save it for later if you’re not hungry, you’ll thank me.

    That pie sounds interesting, I think the freshness factor plays strongly again, although the display case keeps the pies warm, they dry out a tiny bit, it’s all about eating them right out of the oven. The potatoes looked great last time I saw them too. I recommend beef and thai chicken curry for pies.

  23. Louise said:

    I made lamingtons for the first time for an Australia Day party (Jan 26th) I hosted in Montreal – they were a hit and relatively easy to make. Best of all they tasted exactly like home! I used a Betty Crocker white cake mix for the cake part and followed the recipe here for the chocolate and coconut
    I don’t like lamingtons with the jam in the middle, but you could easily adapt it to include the jam 🙂

    Just discovered this blog as I am about to visit NYC for the first time – thanks for all the recommendations NYCFG! Now, how to fit all this eating into five days……?

    And does the Tuck Shop stock Caramello Koalas…. my stash is running low!

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  25. Update: Tuck Shop 2nd Location Opening pushed to Friday | NYC Food Guy said:

    […] to this Friday (June 26) in an effort to ensure they’re ready to rock. And rock they will, they’re original location (68 East 1st street b/t 1st and 2nd Avenues) is a great blueprint for success: fresh baked meat […]

  26. Update: Tuck Shop 2nd Location Will Open Tonight at 6PM | NYC Food Guy said:

    […] Tuck Shop’s new 2nd location (115 St. Mark’s Place b/t 1st Avenue & Avenue A) will open tonight at 6PM and remain open until Niall, the co-owner, contractor and counter man, “drops.”  If you’ve never been to Tuck Shop’s original location (68 East 1st street b/t 1st & 2nd Ave) now you have no excuses. Get over there tonight after 6PM and eat some meat pies or try some delicious desserts.  Click here for NYC Food Guy’s food photos and recommendations. […]

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